Monday, October 17, 2011


I am drowning in all that I have to do: knit Christmas stockings, make Halloween costumes, knit Christmas presents, and other day to day things like filing, emailing, doing all the things.

So you get linkage today!

I have friends!
A friend of mine is starting a site called Our Nourishing Roots. It's about nutrition. Give her some love!
Another friend of mine writes sci fi.

Why my Son is Not Circumcised at the Whole Network
Bad Science Doesn't Justify Male Circumcision at Sexis

What I missed seeing/sharing
International Babywearing Week was last week.
Somehow I lost the RSS feed to Nursing Freedom and I'm going back and reading old posts and wanted to share the link to Nursing Freedom with all of you again.
I'm trying to get back into Tweeting again. Link on the left hand side.
If you are LDS and a birth professional, there's a directory you can add yourself to.

I'm a nerd and I want this pumpkin and dress.
I'm not blogging as much because I want to knit more.
We cut Margaret's hair for the first time ever. She wants it shorter, but McKay doesn't want it very short and I don't know about my hair-cutting skills with a wiggly 3 year old. Isaac still has his rat tail, no worries.
I initially made this post just to share the circumcision links, but fleshed it out because I'm a very wimpy intactivist. That's not to say I don't want to share the other stuff! Go see my friends' stuff! And check out the rest! But also, keep your boys as intact as you keep your girls. They're important, too.

ETA: Just saw a link about how breastfeeding doesn't mean your baby isn't getting good sleep.

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