Wednesday, November 09, 2011

EC and Gut Issues

It might not seem like elimination communication and gut issues in a baby might be connected, and I don't think they normally are, but Isaac's life has been an interesting mix of the two.

Early on, we had thrush. It was bad and took weeks (months?) to get over. Because of that, I kind of stopped ECing. One thing at a time, I thought, and breastfeeding comfortably was a higher priority for me. During the early rough thrush times, he was naked butt a lot because he had yeast in his diaper area, but as that cleared up, I didn't work on it so much.

Then 6 months came around. Food gave him bloody stools. I slowed down the pace on the foods and still, at random times, I needed to take him off solids. I wasn't always very strict about it because he LOVES food and I can't seem to keep it from him.

Now he's eating a lot of food. I would say he's still getting 90+% of his daily volume of food from me, but it does seem like he's eating a lot more, at least compared to 9 month old Isaac. For the past few weeks we've been fighting diaper rash and bloody scabs on his scrotum and bottom because his gut just can't handle solids. And my mind keeps going back to the thrush.

A couple of weeks ago at a playgroup, some moms were talking about food sensitivities and I mentioned Isaac's issues and wondered out loud if maybe it's related to the thrush he had early on. His gut didn't get time to establish itself in the beginning and now I'm fighting to keep it happy. Then yesterday, Denise Plunger posted about Gut Integrity- or the importance of breastmilk being the only substance that goes into a baby in order to protect the intestinal walls. Synchronicity, much? Maybe. I really think Isaac's body needs time to re-heal itself. Once again, I'm going to go back to just breastmilk for him for a few days or a week and then reintroduce foods slowly. It's going to be hard because he LOVES food.

And back to elimination communication. Because of the scabs and sores and bleeding on his bum, Isaac has been going around naked butt more often. Yesterday he sat down on the potty by himself and peed. Another time he started pooping on the floor (yay for wood being easier to clean than carpet!) and I got him to the potty where he finished. So while thrush was one of the reasons we didn't spend a lot of time ECing, it is inadvertantly one of the reasons we are catching eliminations again. Silver lining.


  1. S. Boulliardi (spelling?) is supposed to be really good for fighting yeast overgrowth. You might be able to give it to him in breastmilk...OR make breastmilk icecream with the probies in it so then he thinks he is getting solids ;)

  2. My son had a persistent yeast infection for about 6 months that turned out to be due to Type I diabetes. Not saying your little man has anything so serious, but you might want to be aware that his symptoms could be a warning sign of something more. Maybe a quick trip to the doctor is in order? Good luck!

  3. My 6 month old DD has been eating avocado, apples, bananas, pears and sweet potatoes for about six weeks. We limit her green beans because those tend to make her bottom sore. I had to stop eating sugary things as soon as I got pregnant because they made me feel so bad. Since she's gotten here, I've noticed that if I eat much sugar, especially chocolate, her little gut and butt really suffer. I drank one or two Cokes a week during pregnancy because of nausea, but now if I drink Coke, DD is not happy with me. Honestly, it's kind of a challenge some days to get enough calories into me to make enough milk for her. I only mention this because I saw your other post about Isaac's butt and you were eating Oreos; I'm not judging! :)

  4. Honestly, bloody stools and rashes sounds like food sensitivity/allergy, not thrush. Besides, thrush is a symptom of something else going on and is often brought on by food sensitivities/allergies, especially to dairy products. I would look into that if I were you.

  5. Have you thought about food allergies? I know that dairy allergies can cause bloody stool and gluten allergy or intolerance could also be a culprit.


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