Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let me sum up

I had a really busy end-of-the-week last week. Last Monday, we found 2 boxes that we hadn't unpacked since our move. We found homemade knitted toys that I thought we lost forever! I also found my knitting notebook that had my notes from a pattern I designed that I promised I would write up. But the lack of notebook meant I couldn't duplicate my design and write it up. So when I found it Monday, I vowed to write it up as quickly as possible. After all day Thursday and Friday re-knitting the pattern and writing it up, it's done and you can now buy my Deena Mitts pattern on Ravelry for $3.

Meanwhile, in the snotty nose realm, both the kids fell sick with a cold. Margaret had it first and was congested. Co-sleeping gets a little old when your toddler is snoring. She has her own bed, but is still in our room. Breastfeeding was hard, too. Because she couldn't breathe through her nose, her latch changed to accomodate her body's need to breathe with her mouth. And oh my, that latch drove me crazy. It was a catch-22: I didn't want to nurse her because she was sick, but she needed to nurse to get the antibodies to get over her sickness. She's mostly down to nursing to bed and one at 6 am, so I tried to be patient and let her nurse as long as I could stand it. But yeah.

Isaac got it about 4 days after Margaret did. His nose was so stuffy that his body didn't know how to handle it dripping down his throat, so her threw up once each day: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a party. He and Margaret stayed home from church with McKay and when I came home, Isaac was warm with a fever. I woke up Monday to a baby on fire. Monday afternoon around 4:30, his temperature was 103.18. We slept with out fireball baby who woke up at 102.79. So it's gone down. Barely. Luckily he has kept all his breastmilk down the past few days. He's staying hydrated and is currently sleep nursing in my lap as I type this. I am grateful for breastmilk.

So in all, we've been watching movies while trying to sit where the sun can reach us and give us some vitamin D. I'm personally feeling fine (knock on wood). I'm taking supplements, but for some reason, 3 year olds don't like cod liver oil.

Also: McKay's going to defend his thesis this month!

And some linkage I woke up to this morning:
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And Betttina, I'll get to your Inquisition Monday question later. I hope that's ok. I have laundry to do.


  1. Aww sorry you are sick. We had that and I'm surprised we got it SO BAD. my husband ended up with walking pneumonia and I got a sinus infection. But luckily he felt better by the time I got the sinus infection. My kids got it but not too bad because of all the breastmilk :) and ugh the nursing toddler stuff nose thing was annoying here too. Hope you guys feel better soon!
    Oh and I'm surprised your daughter doesn't like cod liver oil. My son is so obsessed with it we actually have to limit the amount he can take. Lol.

  2. I have to agree with Cassie, my 3 year old LOVES cod liver oil. But if she didn't I know that Nordic Naturals makes a cod liver oil gummy that is supposed to taste good.

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    Shocking! Would love to hear your take...


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