Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bedsharing on Vacation

We just got back from a trip out of town for my birthday this past Monday. Bedsharing is one of my favorite things about vacations: despite being in a new place, Mommy and Daddy are still there and the environment is close to being "the same." We rarely have issues with getting the kids to sleep when we aren't at home.

We ran into some new sleeping issues, though. It's been a while since we've stayed in a hotel, so I forgot how high hotel beds are! We have a mattress on the floor, so I never worry about babies falling out of bed. Also, at home, our bed is big enough for all 4 of us to sleep in it if need be (Margaret has a bed next to ours that she uses some nights as well). We did not get a room with the big bed, though. We had 2 smaller beds and a pull out couch. The solution of putting Isaac between McKay and I to keep him from falling off the bed was not possible. The hotel supplied us with a pack 'n play, but I can't fit myself in one for nursing, so the whole bedsharing-makes-travel-easier-because-you-are-the-one-constant-in-your-baby's-sleep benefit wasn't going to work.

If I was going to be with the kids, I couldn't have McKay in the bed. Originally, the plan was to get the kids to sleep in one bed and then I would magically get out of the bed without waking the kidlets and join McKay. It turns out that I am not that magical.

But we were able to rig up a solution for the falling out of bed issue: a pillow under the bottom sheet. Hotels give you a lot of pillows, so we took an extra and was able to keep Isaac from falling 3 feet to his doom. Like this:

The bulge on the right side of the picture is the pillow under the bottom sheet.

Note: he is almost 17 months old, so he can have pillows and extra bedding that a newborn can't have (in fact, he insists on it! Margaret was fine without pillows, but Isaac is a bedding connoisseur). If you are travelling with a newborn, they are probably small enough to be between mom and dad without having to kick dad to the extra bed.

Margaret ended up sharing a bed with Isaac and me, though we tried to get her to sleep with McKay.  I was a little worried about her falling off because of how crowded it was- and at one point, I had to rearrange her or else she would have!

So yes: if you are out and about and need a quick no-toddler-falling-off-the-bed solution, try sticking a pillow under the bottom sheet. It works!

And McKay got to have a bed to himself, lucky duck. And it wasn't his birthday. Oh well. We are all back safe and sound and without any bruises from falling off the bed.


  1. KaralynZ4:25 AM

    T.C was fine without pillows until just recently - he's 30 months now and has started insisting on pillows. Except he wants a different pillow every night and has to choose his own pillow ;)

  2. Good job coming up with a solution. I probably would have dragged a mattress onto the floor. Your idea was alot less work!


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