Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This afternoon while I was cutting out figures for my nursery class's Christmas cards tomorrow, McKay and Margaret were designing and cutting out snowflakes. After a few, McKay made one that he was particularly proud of and laid it out for me to see.

Do you see the profiles of babies getting ready to latch on?

He added sparkles to the nipples and declared, "They are tandeming!"

 Best. Snowflake. Ever.

Have I ever said how much McKay rocks? He rocks.

Breastfeeding snowflakes!


  1. That is AMAZING!! Way to go McKay! (I definitely want a template for this snowflake!)

  2. That is super cool!

  3. Any tips on getting a 5 month old to latch on properly after a week and a half of not nursing? I can still hand express a bit of milk, so I know it's not gone, but she doesn't seem to be getting anything even though she appears to be sucking for a good 40 minutes.....


    PS I'm catching up on posts but on my phone so hard to comment on them all, but I'm enjoying them.


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