Thursday, December 15, 2011


Margaret absolutely loves mazes, so for Christmas we decided to get her a book of mazes that she can do with a pencil or crayon. Maze books apparently fall under "educational," so when I was admiring the maze book we picked out, handwriting and math workbooks were staring at me and got into my thoughts.

"Hmm. Maybe she does need a book for handwriting. She can write letters, but probably needs practice for clarity and extra control of the pencil."

Then I looked at the book in my hand: mazes. For clean lines and extra control of the pencil. And it's fun and what she likes. I smiled to myself: I can get the same results without boring her with letters (I tried once and it lasted about 5 seconds). We left with only the maze book. She's only 3 and a half. There's plenty of time before she needs to write legibly, and if she never learns that skill, she can be a doctor!

Unschooling: because repetition is boring.

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  1. Mazes! What a great idea! You're right, so much more fun than tracing letters over and over again. Time and place for everything, I guess :)


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