Monday, December 26, 2011


I wanted a coherent post for today, but with the holidays, I figure no one's checking blogs, so here's a hodge podge of things I've seen recently on the Interwebs.

First, a video that I'm actually in. I'm in the red skirt, Margaret is wearing an orange shirt, and Isaac is wearing green and McKay his holding him. This was Saturday the 17th at the Bay Street outdoor mall in Emeryville, CA. Because it's not enough that I rabble rouse myself, I have to get my family involved in my illicit activities. The group in the video that put this together is mostly people from the local unschooling group and one of the boys put it together.

And now, in no particular order (ok, fine, the order listed on my G+ page):
Judge weighing whether Mormon bishop should stand trial for failure to report abuse. The answer is YES he should be. The whole thing is disgusting. And telling the young woman that her attire was at fault for the attack? Yeah. No. Also, do not read the comments if you don't want to read rape apologists defend overlooking abuse. Seriously. This has been a hot topic in the Mormon feminist realm lately.

GAPS-friendly Peanut butter cups by a friend of mine who runs Our Nourishing Roots. I know some of you readers are on special diets and thought you'd like to see that recipe.

Margaret insisted on watching this almost 10 times on Friday:

Star Wars Times Square Flash Mob

Battlestar Galactica by Portlandia

A Proposal in Internet Memes

My Christmas post at the Exponent II blog, Feeding the Multitude.

Don't tease nature.

March of the Emporers

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Handmade Ryan Gosling

Angry Birds Theme by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

For those East Bay-ers: Berkeley Enough.

This Wednesday, there is a Nationwide Nurse-in at your local Target store. FAQs here.

That's enough to keep you distracted from the sweets and troublesome in-laws, yes?

Happy holidays!

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  1. Love the Bronte video - very clever!

    And thank you sooooooo much for the nurse-in info! I will be there!


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