Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

I'm not one for New Year's posts, and I don't normally make resolutions, so this is just going to be a recap of our family resolutions from last year (which I hadn't posted here, but whatever).

Read the scriptures more
Yeah. Didn't happen. It probably happened slightly more regularly than the year before (aka 5 times in 365 days is slightly more regular than 3 times in 365 days).

I did a lot in November/December, and McKay did some in October, but yeah.

Be More Social.
That seriously was a resolution because we suck at forethought. We did ok. I was feeling out of place at ward play groups and such when other people would say things like, "Oh well so-an-so and I were out and...." or "I was over at so-and-so's." We couldn't make people invite us over more, but we could invite more people over. Every Friday night we have pizza from scratch. The plan was to invite someone every week and ask them to bring a topping. We actually did this a handful of times! Yay! And at a Christmas party with people in the ward, someone said, "Hey, someone needs to have a New Year's party!" so thinking, "This would be a great way to top off our resolution," I volunteered.

And no one came. Well, the person who instigated the party showed up for an hour out of obligation, but left around 8:30 or 9. Many meatballs, much fondue, and sweets were leftover. I'm making McKay take the sweets to work tomorrow because I am kind of sick of sugar.

So yeah. I suppose we were slightly ahead of the game this year. We need to actually make resolutions that we can keep. The scripture one has been on our list for years and I think it's safe to say that we really just have to let that one go or figure out a new way to do it. I'm leaning towards letting it go. Meh. Can't do it all.

We haven't made any new family resolutions yet this year, but I think we're going to keep trying the Friday pizza nights.

For my personal resolution, I've decided to be more fabulous. And I'm succeeding already.


  1. No one came?? I so would have come over to escape the madhouse that was created by the new year's party in King City. And I LOVE fondue.

  2. Fun to catch up on your posts. I haven't been with the blogging world for a while, trying to get back! I decided to comment on this post, though I've read at least all of your Jan/Feb posts, because I had a suggestion. I've just started reading scriptures on, logging in and using a virtual study notebook. It's pretty neat because I can use my own tags and link ideas together in ways I had never thought of. Plus looking up footnotes is WAY easy, and I just generally get way more out of it, which makes me want to study more regularly! With all things I have to set goals that are measurable. Instead of eating "more healthy" I have to say "I'll eat 5 fruits & veggies a day and have only 1 treat (because I've tried to cut out treats and it doesn't work.) Anyway, I know it's March tomorrow, but hey, keep up the good work.


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