Wednesday, February 01, 2012

FB Nurse-in Press Release

Media - Event Notice January 30, 2012

World wide protests to call on Facebook to leave breastfeeding photos alone
- Daily image deletions and account suspensions continue
- Facebook has removed 257,000 supporters from the official petition group
- Protests planned at Facebook offices around the globe

The  Facebook v. breastfeeding showdown continues with moms around the globe planning to protest at Facebook offices February 6th. After once again having her account suspended over posting a breastfeeding image, Canadian breastfeeding activist Emma Kwasnica said she couldn't accept the company's apology until they truly fix the problem. Kwasnica spoke with Facebook staff last week and said despite some accommodations, the bottom line is Facebook says they cannot prevent breastfeeding images and account suspensions from continuing. This morning Facebook removed 257,000 supporters from the “Hey Facebook! Breastfeeding is Not Obscene” official petition group, which has been active since 2007. In a statement after her meeting Kwasnica expressed her frustration: "It is obvious to me now that Facebook really has lost control of their network, especially when their written policy clearly states they support the sharing of breastfeeding images, yet they say they cannot control the actions of their employees who keep removing breastfeeding images and who block accounts of the users who post them – usually “in error.” This is exasperating to me." Kwasnica says Facebook must simply leave all breastfeeding images alone. Late last week the Wall Street Journal reported Facebook is about to launch an IPO which would value the company at between $70 and $100B. Facebook's advertising revenues last year topped $3B. Facebook offers advertisers the ability to carefully target audiences. The so-called "influential mom" demographic is highly sought after. Some of the influential mom demographic is planning to flex their muscles by telling their friends and family on Facebook, and by telling the world at protests around the globe, they want Facebook to stop harassing breastfeeding mothers. Nurse-ins are planned Feb 6 at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California and at Facebook offices in other US cities including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Prineville, Oregon, and Seattle. Similar protests are planned around the globe in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Paris, Toronto, and Sydney. For more information contact:
Emma Kwasnica
Jodine Chase
Facebook Protest details: or
Link to official petition site: or
Link to blog post with daily updates since Emma’s account went down Jan 8th. It includes recent images that have been deleted, screen snapshots showing the membership numbers in the official petition site before Facebook removed members, and more:

If you are local to the Bay Area, you can email me (hrfarley at gmail dot com). I am willing to talk to the press about my part in organizing this nurse-in. If you want to participate, I can get information to you about a carpool leaving Alameda and other information about gathering in Menlo Park, CA.


  1. .

    Have you asked Hannah about this?

    1. Yeah, but not much. I think I come on really strong about this issue and I don't want to exhaust our relationship on this one issue. :)

  2. Apricot9:20 AM

    I don't care to see breastfeeding photos on facebook. I also don't care to see photos of kissing, crying, swimming, adults waking up, and other activities with that quality of raw physicality. But as far as I know, FB staff isn't blocking those other photos too. And of all these activities, breastfeeding is the one that needs societal encouragement and visibility.


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