Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday mish mash

We had a great Valentine's Day. More pics here.

This past week, I released a pattern for knitted mittens. More info at my knitting blog. You can buy the pattern on Ravelry.

More nurse-in "coverage:" Conan (at the 2 minute mark).

Now get out your angry eyes.
No women were allowed to testify at the House Committee hearing yesterday on birth control coverage. What I'd like to know is how many men risk death by getting someone pregnant, because every time a woman gets pregnant, she risks her life. While the maternal mortality rate is very low in our country, it still exists. Women are deeply invested in contraception. Half of our country is women and that should have been represented (they are called representatives, right?). It is vital that women get to represent on this issue.

Virginia mandates rape of all women seeking a first trimester abortion. No. Words.

Where Mormonism and I meet

My Exponent piece last week, I am a Cafeteria Mormon and You are too.

My blog, With Your Mutual Approbation, was nominated for the "2011 Best Faithful Perspective Mormon Blog" Brodie award. It's pretty far behind in the votes, but I'm excited just to be nominated! You can vote for the 2011 Brodies here.

The rest of my life.

Lots of knitting.
Lots of bicycling around town. And on the days I don't ride my bike to the park or store or library with 60 pounds of children in the trailer, I go running. So lots of exercise.
Also, there has been lots of daydreaming about buy a house. Lots. Because we might. In the next month or so. EEK! And by "buy a house in the Bay Area" I actually mean "buy a shanty town." Literally. But hey, it's cool. It's what we can get with our meager savings right now. Let's hope it happens! And I really want to paint it cantaloupe with purple accents. And I'd love for shingles to come in magenta, but they don't. Sadness. McKay is against this color scheme for some reason. We'll have to arm wrestle for it.

And have I mentioned I'm on Pinterest? If you want to waste some time looking at stuff I like, go there.


  1. Good luck getting a house! I want crazy colors on my [future] house, too....and my husband isn't quite on board. I can't figure out why anyone -wouldn't- want a funky, colorful house!?!

    1. These are the colors I'm thinking of:

      The melon color would be the main color with the purple and magenta as accents. I think it rocks. McKay thinks "Halloween."


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