Friday, February 10, 2012

A Greener Nursery Class

I think I've mentioned before that I teach the nursery at church. Because the kids are between 18 months and 3 years of age, we have a snack every week. My eco-conscience dreads this. Disposable products for 15 kids every week? Even after this idea I'm about to share, I'm still leaning towards bringing in reusable products; my eco-conscience is that strong.

But a temporary solution was this:

Coffee filters as bowls. The coffee filter seen here is holding an orange and muffin just so you can get the idea.

Coffee Filters are really really thin: so you aren't using a lot of "product" each serving (compare to a paper plate or even napkin). You can compost them or recycle them. And if you get non-bleached ones, they earth is even happier! No dioxin in the manufacturing!

They are perfect for holding little crackers and snacks. And for you thrifty people: you can get a pack of 200 for a dollar or two. Not bad.

So if you also have to dish snacks out to a nursery or day care or class or party or your own kids, think about using coffee filters instead of full-blown paper plates.

Or reusable plates. Those work too.


  1. I'm cracking up at the reaction of some LDS parents of [gasp] coffee filters at church. I think it's awesome! Great idea!

  2. Coffee filters are awesome for that. Totally perfect. I'm glad you thought of it!

  3. What a great idea!!! I was just happy when the nursery in our ward started serving healthy snacks instead of junk food snacks!!!


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