Monday, February 06, 2012

In which I am a good lactivist


My FB status this morning:
If we can't see breastfeeding, we miss the chance to cheer on great achievements and silly child antics. We miss the chance to de-sexualize the female body and celebrate its utility. We miss the chance to give comfort to moms struggling with the difficulties of daily life. We miss the chance to be human with each other.

In the van for the carpool.

Margaret pulling the wagon of stuff.

Isaac had to nurse.

Sarah, the other organizer, making a speech. I gave a short one before her, but I can't take pictures of myself, so sorry about that!

People watching the speech.

Jodine making a speech. She flew in from Canada to be here!

Everyone in front of the FB sign. I'm tandeming. We had 60 people altogether!

Here is Petra and I. She works at the FB and I protest the FB, but we can still rock out together.

And I took this photo to make Jena a little jealous.

You can support breastfeeding even if you aren't lactating!

People chilling. The lady on the left is a knitter and I was able to swap Ravelry tags. Yay for knitters!

You can see more pictures at the event page on FB.

Also, check the news for coverage of the nurse-ins. Nurse-ins happened all over the place including Sydney, New York, Dublin and many more!


  1. Looks like fun! I don't think there was one close enough for me to have attended. But I nursed at home with the nurse-in on my mind! :D

  2. Several years ago, there was a nurse-in at our neighborhood mall, and my mom lamented that she couldn't go because she was long done nursing babies. My mom is awesome :)

  3. "Petra" looks suspiciously like one of my roommates from my 2004 Study Abroad to Egypt. Small world!


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