Thursday, February 09, 2012

Survey on LDS Views of Breastfeeding

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My (Heidi's) sister is currently doing a study with the BYU Women's Studies center about social pressures and breastfeeding. The survey can be taken by anyone, but the target demographic is LDS women who have breastfed before or currently. It's a very short survey (about 2-3 minutes).

It's very quick. Help her out!


  1. I took the survey, but it made me mad. I don't know if it was just poorly worded, if the bias of the surveyor is narrow or if that's just the nature of prescriptive-answer surveys, but ...ugh.

    e.g. On the first question, (how do you feel when you see someone nursing?), I had to choose "I hardly notice/care" for both with and without a cover, when the truth is that I do notice and I do care, but both extremely positively -- I feel a wave of love and good memories and maternal solidarity, and honestly, when with a cover, I feel a little angry/resentful/sad for the women who feels she has to do it that way or for the society that pressures that or something. So I prefer to see uncovered only because I assume it is more of a response to external pressure, but I love to see it either way. Hardly fits with "I don't notice or care," right?

  2. I was wishing for more options too but glad she is putting together something like this. A comment section at the end would be great.

  3. I agree, Jane. I wish there was a place for comments to clarify or explain. I've been in a couple of different wards and my breastfeeding has been accepted differently in each. And like you, I thought some of the questions didn't give the full range of possibilities of choices.

  4. I have pondered this topic a lot lately and finally wrote a post about it. I thought you might like to read it:

  5. Are we allowed to repost the survey? I got an MPH from BYU and did a majority of my graduate research on breastfeeding (specifically among LDS women), and I know a lot of girls that would be interested in also providing survey responses.

  6. I did the survey too and felt like the options were limited. The one that bothered me is did I feel encouraged by church leaders to breastfeed. Truth is, I've never had a conversation with my leaders about it. I do nurse in the mothers room though, just because It's quiet, those rocking chairs are comfy, and it's an excuse to get up and move around for a second.... *whoops!*


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