Friday, March 09, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

Last Saturday when I was buying seeds for our garden, McKay asked that I pick up some flowers to give to the women on his work team for International Women's Day. I dropped him off at work early so he could put them on their desks secretly. He even woke up early to make little "Happy IWD!" signs in purple and white (IWD colors) for each. One of the women figured him out and gave him a "Thank you" hug, but the rest of the women did not and emails were going around asking the mysterious flower giver to speak up. The woman who did know his involvement said he should keep it a secret and let it become one of those fun office secrets. I am, of course, assuming none of them know about this blog.

The kids and I went to the Golden Gate Bridge for the Join me on the Bridge gathering for International Women's Day. According to the main site, "Join me on the Bridge campaign started in 2010 when women from Congo and Rwanda joined together on the bridge connecting their two countries, showing that they could build the bridges of peace and hope for the future. This action sparked a massive global movement, and last year they were joined by thousands of people on hundreds of bridges worldwide. On International Women's Day, 8 March, thousands of people will show that they are with the women of Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan and other war-torn countries. "

The signs on the stroller say "101 Years of International Women's Day," and "May we have more Peace each year."

While people were gathering, there was face painting for the kids. You'll notice that Margaret and I are wearing purple. Also, her hair ribbons are the ones I made for IWD 2008 when I was pregnant with her to wear during my labor. She was due March 8, but decided to come 3 weeks late.

Margaret making a sign. She drew (in green, her favorite color) herself in a window with things outside the window. Unfortunately, you can't see it here.

Nursing and waiting while people are gathering. There were speeches from Women for Women International, a representative from Google talking about a fundraiser Google is doing for women, and some other people (sorry I was distracted with the kids). I know the San Francisco chapter of NOW and the SF Chronicle got pictures of Isaac. We'll see if they show up on their sites some time.

We hiked up the trail to the Golden Gate Bridge.

On the bridge!

These ladies in front of us chatted with us a bit and wanted pictures with us. Margaret and Isaac were very popular photo recipients.

Looking out onto the East Bay (home!) from the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked out to the halfway point and then walked back. Many people were walking the length of the whole bridge and back, but the kids were getting noticeably fussy. I brought food, but food can only keep moods at bay for so long.

Isaac nursing and a pic of me. I'm wearing a necklace I bought while people were gathering. It's made from recycled paper by women of the Inkuge Cooperative in Kigale Rwanda. Margaret chose the green, of course.

More proof that we were at the Golden Gate Bridge. Very windy!

Not very many pictures of the kids. Margaret got to the point where she was hiding from the camera. She was pictured-out and irritated at my efforts to document the day.

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