Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainbow cookies?

Margaret wanted a rainbow party this year. Last year the theme was blue, and I was ok with that since blue dyes aren't something that bothers me much. But rainbow? Yeah, that includes red. And natural dyes are expensive. So I attempted to make a rainbow cookie without the dyes. It failed miserably, but you all get step-by-step how it failed. Also, this cookie was not healthy at all. Just dye-less.

My vision: a big cookie shaped like a rainbow with clouds. The plan was to make up some sugar cookie dough without all the liquid (just some, like 1 egg instead of 2) and add a juice to color the dough. And I'd use marshmallows for the clouds.

The "dry" dough:

When I added the juice, I ended up adding extra to try to saturate the color more, but then the dough was too moist so I had to add more flour. In the end, the cookie was kind of floury. Here is the picture where you can see multiple little bowls for coloring the dough and on the left is the beginning of the large rainbow cookie on the pizza stone.

For the colors, I used pomegranate juice for red, orange juice mixed with pomegranate for orange, orange juice for yellow, and grape for purple. I attempted to make green, but it failed. I defrosted some frozen spinach. And you know when you squeeze out spinach, the juice is green? I added that juice to the dough. Unfortunately, it was not saturated enough and you couldn't tell it was green at all. So yeah, didn't work.

I added marshmallows at different times in the baking. I should have added them at the very end while the cookie was still hot. Next time?

I made 2 rainbow cookies and you can see them here along with our rainbow kabobs I got from Pinterest. The cookies are recognizable as rainbows, but they aren't what I was hoping for. The pomegranate juice ended up making purple and the grape juice ended up blue because fruit colors are dependent on pH levels and change the chemical reactions of baking. That's why red cabbage makes a blue dye.

Here's our rainbow cake, though. From-scratch chocolate cake with a rainbow on top without any dyes!

Other awesome things:
Our ceiling!

Our coloring table. As guests arrived, they got to color rainbows in the clouds.

The craft:

Remember our tree? It displayed the pinwheels we used as favors.

Margaret's hair.
Purple underneath.


  1. Oooh, that fruit cake looks yummy! And I love the tree decorated with pinwheels :)

  2. Cute party! I just found this post about a rainbow cake, and know you would like it! My dd is allergic to food dye, so I couldn't use it even if I wanted to.


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