Friday, April 06, 2012

Sharing the Breastfeeding Love

When I walk into our local library, the entranceway is filled with fliers and magazines and announcements of various local events and resources. Breastfeeding being constantly on my mind, I looked around to see if there was any breastfeeding information available.


So I asked the librarian if I could put some breastfeeding materials out in that common area. She said as long as it was free, go ahead, and also asked if I had posters or something so they could hang them up in the children's section of the library. And she wanted to know how to share such information/posters/etc with the other libraries in Oakland. has booklets on breastfeeding that are free to whomever wants them. I ordered a bunch last fall when I was going to give a talk on breastfeeding, and I have a lot of extras. I brought them in and placed them on the shelves. When the World Breastfeeding Week action folders are available, I'm going to see if they have posters like they did last year, since the librarian specifically asked for posters. I'm also going to make sure my librarian has links to these so she can share them with the other library branches and they can share the breastfeeding love, too.

Just wanted to share a little bit of easy lactivism. Your library might want to do this, too. Also on my list: get in touch with our local breastfeeding coalition and start going to meetings, if I can.

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