Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another week in Homeschooling

This week we all took turns in having colds, and I was really run down from the cold and from a sun burn I acquired Tuesday from our trip to Lake Temescal. And Monday, a home inspection took up 3-4 hours of my time, so not much got done then. We did go to the lake and two parks and the library. We also walked around on Solano (toy stores and yarn stores) while McKay was getting a filling. So we were out and about, but schooling things didn't really happen.

It was kind of a "review" week. Periodically, Margaret would ask to count to 100 with us, and looking at our hundreds chart, we would take turns saying the numbers until we got up to 100. She asked what was bigger than a hundred and I told her you continue with 101, 102, 103... Yesterday on the way home from the park, I heard her counting to herself and when she got to 100, she continued on to 106 before skipping to 109. Work in progress, but she's getting the concept.

At the yarn store:

There were some little learning moments. While I was browsing the Internet, Margaret saw a picture of a black sheep with a bunch of white ones and pointed out that they were different colors. We googled pictures of sheep and talked about how sheep and dogs and humans and other animals come in different colors.

There is a documentary called Dolphins: IMAX on Netflix Instant Play and that was our Friday night family movie. Pretty mellow as far as documentaries go- not very scary. Margaret was upset about dolphins getting caught in tuna nets and asked why so many died from that.

I've noticed that Isaac has been singing to himself lately. Margaret does that a lot, too. I need to put these kids in theater.

We transplanted some greens to the garden, but the snails are getting them because I'm not being diligent in putting corn meal around them.

Our library bag is heavy in transportation books this week: Cars by Nancy Levinson is a picture book about the history of cars. We also got a book about the development of airplanes called How People Learned to Fly by Fran Hodgkins and a generic plane book: Planes by Anne Rockwell. Not to leave out bicycles, we got The Bicycle Man by Allen Say.

Margaret likes to pull books from the bilingual section of the library, so we brought home Just like Home/Como en mi Tierra by Elizabeth Miller and Playing Loteria/El Juego de la Loteria by Rene Lainez.

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  1. I did not eat tuna for over ten years! When I was little and first starting to read I would read EVERYTHING. So when my mother fixed me up a can of tuna I felt inclined to read the can. It said something like "Dolphins may have been harmed in the making of this product" and instantly my tastebuds went from saying "Yum" to "Yuck"! Recently I have made sure the label says "Dolphin Safe" since my hubby loves tuna! Cute photos!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog


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