Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun or nightmares?

When Margaret was a baby, she would giggle in her sleep. And it was cute and we'd go, "Aww..."

And then just 3-5 minutes later, she'd wake up screaming.

This happened a lot. I assume it's some sort of REM sleep thing where her brain is going through a lot of chemicals quickly. Or something.

Isaac has done it a little, but not as much as Margaret.

It happened regularly enough that when I heard giggles, I'd go to her and hold her to prepare for the screaming.

I googled this to see if other children have this sort of giggle/scream sleep combination, but I must not be using the right search terms. Maybe it's a night terror?

I'm blogging about it now because I wondered if a blog post would have better luck finding other people who have run into this. I'm not concerned about it, she doesn't seem harmed by this, it's just something weird she did. In fact, she still does it. In the last two weeks, I've been woken in the middle of the night by her giggling and I climbed over to her to snuggle her, anticipating the mood swing in her sleep. She no longer screams like she did as a baby, but sure enough, 3-5 minutes later, she started stirring restlessly in her sleep. Cuddling her helped.

Anyone else with a kid who gets mood swings in their sleep?


  1. Mine does! He's almost 5 months old now, but he does it fairly regularly. I obviously notice it the most when I'm holding him and he's sleeping, but it really does help to hold him a little tighter.

  2. Brooke10:00 AM

    Yes that happens frequently with my 19 mo old. The giggling is rare, but the sudden crying hits me almost every night. Now she's started to say 'no no no!' in her sleep, too. I just put my hand on her and tell her it's ok, hoping that she might wake a little and realize it was a dream. Not sure if that's the right thing to do..

  3. My DD is 27 months and has been doing that since she was a newborn. It happened a lot from about 12-18months, several times a night. I mentioned it to the ped and he said night terrors. It's actually what started us on cosleeping because it was happening so often that I was in her room comforting her nearly every hour and I was exhausted. Poor sleep or lack of nap during the day often triggers a rough night.

    1. It does seem a lot like night terrors, I just never had heard of a giggle-warning a few minutes before! That aspect made me question the night terror thing since I couldn't find anyone else who got giggle warnings for night terrors. She's growing out of them, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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