Friday, July 13, 2012

Easing into Carfree

We are slowly, but surely, getting everything in place for going carfree. We will try it for a couple of weeks or a month and then decide if we like it. If we do, we'll cancel the car insurance and go. If we don't, we'll get a new car.

So far we have signed up for Zipcar and today I'm getting my Clipper pass for the BART and buses. I think McKay will want to use Zipcar more than me. For example, we have a date scheduled in downtown San Francisco on the 28th this month. Going from a bus to the BART and to the music hall will take an hour. Driving? 20 minutes. Personally, I love public transportation. It's like a mini-adventure! Is it obvious that I'm a Sagittarius?

We'll see who wins the arm wrestle for the BART vs. Zipcar that night.

I've also been checking bus and BART schedules for all the errands I'm running. At the moment, I am still using the vehicle we're borrowing, but I like to check the schedules so I have an idea of what life will be like in a week or two. Surprisingly, the bus ride to the park we're planning on going to today is only supposed to be half an hour. Driving is 15-20 minutes. And extra 10-15 minutes doesn't bother me at all: sometimes it takes me that long to get the kids in the car! Ok, that's a little much, but I'm not a very fast buckler. It always amazes me how quickly other parents can get their kids in a car and buckled  and drive off, especially when we leave a park at the same time. I'm just slow.

In other news, the house thing is not happening. They decided they'd rather fix up the house (aka bring it up to code and do some cosmetic changes) and then sell it to us. You know, when it's an extra $200k. They aren't working on it particularly fast, so maybe we have time to save up the extra money for the higher downpayment? I hope so. I'd still like that house even though it'll be a duplex instead of a single family home. Location is still great and neighbors are still great and the yard will still be large.

Because of the house disappointment, I've been looking around our house and realizing that it's a wreck. Because we were hoping to move soon-ish, we never fully settled in. It's time to buy shelving and furniture that actually works with our space so it looks less like "hey these people got everything for free/cheap and are still living like they did in college."Our landlords are fine with us painting and putting holes in walls, so we have some options.

So that's that for now. Weekend is happening soon! The Ravelympics Ravellenics are coming up and I don't have a team or event. Need to jump on that.


  1. You are really adventurous for thinking about going carless. I'm not sure I'd ever do that in this country because I have a hard time with not being able to go when I want to go. Typical car loving American, lol.

    Sorry to hear about the house. That kind of thing can be so disappointing. For fixing up your current place, have you seen the 3M picture hanging products? They are a bit pricey if you have a lot of pictures to put up, but it's really nice not having to hammer nails into the wall. In my next house that's all I'm going to use for all but the heaviest paintings.

    1. We've used 3M products but find that they don't hold well, even for light things. It might be our walls: we have plaster here and most of the walls have an extra glossy finish because it's easier to clean for rental units. Maybe I'm buying the wrong ones, though.

  2. I'm inspired you see the longer public transportation rides as adventure rather than inconvenience. ;) I'll have to adopt your attitude more!

  3. I love taking the bus. Sadly, there are only a few that run through my city. The closest one to my house still stops a full mile away. If we ever end up moving back to SLC though, I'll probably go car-free or one car.


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