Friday, August 24, 2012

Life's been pretty good lately. The big thing online last night was Rock Center's Mormon in America on NBC. My friend, Emma, let me know she saw me on it, so I went and looked for myself. I'm at 6:53 in this video in Mitch Mayne's portion of the segment. I'm famous! Well, you knew it had to happen: the shawl I was wearing was award-winning (county fair honorable mention) and handknit by me the year before. You don't go out in public with a shawl like that and not get on national TV. Haha!

As far as other news, the kids are really loving their homeschool group. I grabbed a picture of some of them playing Duck Duck Goose. I loved looking at that circle of kids and seeing so many ages from Isaac (2) to older kids I'm guess are around 8 or 9. The circle was pretty full, probably 15 kids altogether. It was a good moment for me because I've been having homeschooling doubts lately, mostly revolving around whether or not it's ok to remove them from the cultural experience of school. Will they feel left out when they watch TV shows or movies of kids in school? Will they not be able to relate to others because of their lack of shared experience? Moments like this Duck Duck Goose game assures me that yes, they are having a full and happy childhood despite our attempts to turn them into homebound geeks.

Oh and by the way, I'm pregnant. If it wasn't obvious here: (last week- also check out my pregnancy acne!)

It's obvious here. Went to Planned Parenthood today for the proof of pregnancy. Good experience overall. I hid my LMP and due date in this photo because I don't want you all to start worrying when I go "overdue" yet again. :)
I went to a different office than the one I went for Isaac's Proof of Pregnancy. This one was much nicer, the wait was much shorter, and the buses went straight to it. The kids were watched by a friend so it was just me. The waiting room's TV was playing Persepolis, so I even got a little culture. 

When I went to Planned Parenthood for my last pregnancy, we had just moved and didn't have health insurance in California, so I believe they assumed I was there for insurance reasons. This time I went in with great insurance (that still didn't cover a pregnancy test, but I don't mind supporting Planned Parenthood with my few dollars) and they were a little curious as to why I was coming in. I simply explained that in the event of an unattended birth you need proof of pregnancy to file a birth certificate and I was covering my bases. The Planned Parenthood personel were very respectful, which is why I chose them. I could have gone to a regular doctor for proof of pregnancy, but I didn't want to be lectured about prenatal care. Planned Parenthood? No lecturing.

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  1. KaralynZ8:55 PM

    Yes! My OBGYN dumped me when I decided to have my home birth and after my son was born I was too exhausted to try and shop around for a new one, so when I needed birth control I went to Planned Parenthood and they gave me that same odd look and my nurse asked why I was there. So I told them and they were very respectful.

    (I notice the odd looks tend to be when they link 'has good insurance' with 'still only one sexual partner?' - at least for me.)


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