Monday, August 20, 2012

Not-back-to-School Planning

My friend, Alisa, posted recently about how learning happens in her family. So far, ours is very similar and organic.

However that annoying voice in the back of my mind telling me that I need to be more organized is getting to me.

In response, I bought a regular day planner and wrote in the homeschool park days and other activities. And then I assigned topics for most of the weeks between now and April. Some weeks have no topics (usually around holidays like Halloween and Christmas- fall and winter break!). And during the winter the topics are especially vague and simple so that if a baby shows up early/late/extra-late, I'll have a plan that is doable with low-energy levels.

To be honest, though, the topics for the rest of the year are pretty vague as well. The first couple of weeks of September are labelled "apples." And later in September the label is "fall." October gets a "pumpkin" week and also a "dinosaur" week. My plan is to reserve theme-related books a couple of weeks ahead of time at the library so they are available on the needed week. And then come up with activities. For example, I'm pretty sure we'll make an apple pie during one of the "apple" weeks.

Pretty complicated, huh? I'll probably give up on the plan about 2 weeks in, but oh well. It was kind of fun planning out a school year(ish). Gave me something to do on a Sunday afternoon.

We did sign Margaret up for a music class in September. She's been asking to play violin for over a year now and so we signed her up for a class that introduces Suzuki method as well as piano, violin, cello, flute, and harp. If she still likes violin by the end of it, we'll go with that, but if she finds she prefers another instrument, then we won't have wasted money on lessons she didn't want. In addition to that, next week we are going to a music-tasting activity where kids can pick up and try different instruments.

So starting in September, I'll start up my "this week in homeschooling" posts again. Expect pictures of pies. Lots of them. I'm pretty sure that's all my kids ever need to learn about.

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  1. I don't think planning is bad. The problems arise when parents or teachers get upset when things don't go according to plan. The child always needs to be in the driver's seat. As long as they are happy about what they are learning, and they are free to either finish quickly or linger, then plan away!


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