Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ward Talent Show

One of my homeschooling goals is to take advantage of opportunities for the kids to perform. We had a ward talent show and I thought the kids could sing a song. It's just one verse of Old MacDonald, but I think it's a good thing to get them used to public speaking/performing before stage fright sets in.

They practiced it for FHE on Monday and we talked about how close/far the microphone is supposed to be from your mouth. Isaac's "E I E I O" isn't very noticeable, but it's there and that was his contribution.

I'm on our ward's activities committee now and so to show support I volunteered to do a little color guard routine. It took me a while to settle on a song because I didn't want it too long and have to choreograph a ton. I settled on the Dr. Who Theme song just this past Monday. I didn't get a lot of practice time so I did actually forget 4 counts (I just repeated the previous 4 counts again, so you can't notice, much). I'm sad about forgetting those counts though because the choreography went very well with the music. Perfectly! And then I forgot it.

There wasn't a lot of space for moving around (didn't want to hit people!) so I'm pretty stationary, though I was prepared if there was more space. Also, the volume on the CD player was too low at the beginning so I missed the first 8 counts... sadness. And because I hadn't practiced much, my performance smile and other things (free hand!) aren't at my best. But for not having done a color guard performance in over 6 years, and for being pregnant. It's ok.

So... that was our homeschooling for the weekend.


  1. I loved watching your videos, and I love that you are including performing in your homeschooling goals.

    I've heard that more people fear public speaking than fear death. That might be an exaggeration, but it's gotta be up there.

    My job now is as a public speaker, and I'm rarely nervous about it. I credit that to the exposure I had as a kid - everything from performing in school talent shows (dance routines and I did a stand-up comedy routine once!) to my Bat Mitzvah. In college when I knew I'd have to present my Thesis in front of at least 100 people (including a question and answer period) I decided to take a public speaking class. It just seemed responsible. I think it was probably one of the more valuable classes I took. It obviously set me on the path to make my current job easier for me, but I think it also has helped with every job interview I've ever had. I learned to practice (which I think lots of people don't take seriously), and feel more confident in all sorts of situations.

    As an aside, I think you might be being overly-critical of your own performance since you know so much about how it was "supposed" to be. It looked great to everyone out there who knows nothing about color guard. I was impressed! And I love that you were also being a great example to the kids. Not just getting them in the show, but being in it yourself.

    Thanks for sharing this! We only just joined a synagogue a few months ago, but now I'm excited to see if they do a talent show, or would ever consider doing one. :-)

  2. Ethan LOVED watching those videos. I have a feeling we might watch them again this week . . . Good job!!

  3. Awesome! This really showcased your strength and agility. I loved watching the color guard when I was in high school. Thanks for posting both videos!

  4. That's Awesome. I've tried to get our ward to do a talent show a number of times in the past. But no one is interested in anything other than our yearly Memorial and Labor Day picnics, BYO-everything except for hot dogs or hamburgers. After 6 years it's a bit old.


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