Tuesday, September 04, 2012

AND... we're back.

Last weekend we took a trip to Salt Lake for my brother's wedding. Even before we went carless, we decided to take the train for this trip. When we moved to California, I swore I'd never drive across Nevada again, so it was train or plane. I have issues with TSA and flying with kids, so the train it was!

The ride was 18 hours long and we had 2 sleeper rooms. We left Emeryville at 9 in the morning. While the train travelled between Sacramento and Reno, a couple of people from the California Historical Society (I think?) came on and talked about the history of the land. Also a fun thing: we slept through most of Nevada! The train got into Salt Lake at 3am. We walked 4 blocks to a hotel, slept there, and then got a rental car in the morning. On the way back, the train left Salt Lake at 11pm and got into Emeryville at 4, so we were able to get more sleep on the way home.

At the Emeryville station. We used our double stroller to carry the duffle bag and carseats.

 On the observation car:

I'm not that great at getting lots of pictures (I'm just not very sentimental so it's not high on my list of things to do), so we don't have many. Here is Margaret while we were waiting to take pictures after the wedding.

My first pedicure ever and the barefoot sandals I made for the occasion.

McKay and Isaac.

And... I totally thought I got pictures at the reception, but I didn't. So none of my family or my brother and his wife at all. Or of me in my dress. Oh well.

On Sunday we went to the park. I saw Lactating Girl and her family.

Also on Sunday I met up with Maxine Hanks and Katrina and her husband Jared and their kids. And to kill time before the train came, we saw ParaNorman.

The train was fun and the kids loved it. I liked being able to get up and walk around and not having to drive through Nevada or deal with bathroom breaks or fast food. I think it'd be fun to do again if we ever have to go that way.

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  1. I ADORE the train. My friend, Rachel, converted me to it a couple of years ago. Depending on the number of people going, it may or may not be the most economical of choices but it is pretty ecological and the trip to Utah is GREATLY improved by it. I'm actually taking trains (and a bus for a couple hours) to a class in Arizona in a week and I'm really looking forward to not personally battling the drive into LA at rush hour.


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