Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ceiling Stickers

I try to respect my children's wishes when it comes to hair washing. But also, I like them having clean hair. So this is a post on how we are trying to make it easier for them to like getting their hair washed. It involves stickers.

About a month ago, I realized that it's hard for my kids, especially Isaac, to follow directions like "Lean your head back" without something to focus on. I kind of got stuck on, "Look at..." Well, there was nothing to look at. The ceiling was plain white.

So we went to Ikea and bought some stickers and stuck them on the ceiling of the bath. I really wanted the 8-bit kind they had, but the kids wanted the ones with the heart and since they are the ones looking at the stickers, they got to pick. I need to work on their artistic taste.

The stickers help a little bit: for at least the initial wetting of the hair, Isaac can be occupied with, "What color is the baby?" "Where's the heart going?"

You could buy stickers anywhere; Ikea just happens to be in walking/free bus service distance for us. I actually saw some stickers at Goodwill last week that would have worked. Oh well, I guess we missed out on that not-buying-new option.

I'm sharing in case you think this might work for your kids. It's not 100% working for us: by the time we get to the post-cleaning rinse, Isaac's attention span for the stickers is over. But it's a little improvement.

And for the record, the purple person on the yellow fish is "Mommy on a shark!" Yes, my children think I rock.

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  1. thanks! that's a really good idea!

    I also tell them to look up and we've got a big blank up there... :)


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