Saturday, September 08, 2012

This Week in Homeschooling

Like I mentioned earlier, we are doing loose "themes/units" for homeschooling this year. Margaret isn't kindergarten-aged yet, so no pressure for standards. This week and next week, our theme is "Apples."

We did something apple-related each day. One day we took about 4 apples and counted the seeds in each as well as taste-testing the different varieties. It was agreed that the Granny Smith variety is the favorite, which I'm all for since I think they are more useful (read: pies). We also made a chart and glued the seeds to a piece of paper and wrote the number of seeds next to it. Surprisingly, each apple had 4 seeds except for a Fuji apple with 11.

We also read a book about the year-cycle of an apple tree and I had some blank leaf-less tree coloring pages. We glued tissue paper "flowers" to the spring tree, painted leaves on the summer and fall trees, and put glitter (snow) on the winter tree. Margaret also wrote out the words of each season under her trees. Isaac just painted how he wanted to. And we decorated our wall tree with paper apples for the fall.

On our library day, we simply colored bookmarks with apple trees on them. And on Friday we had a cooking day where we made apple turnovers. The kids had a lot of fun cooking them, but didn't want to eat them. Oh well. More for me!

This morning I went to a parent class for Margaret's Suzuki music class starting next week. And this afternoon we went to see Finding Nemo 3-D.

Next week we'll have a few more apple activities. I was planning on going to an apple orchard field trip, but I'm not sure if we'll have time next week- it's busy with multiple dentist/eye appointments and our regular park days and errand days and Pixarpalooza.

Typing this all out, I feel really sheepish. We did way more than needed. I'm shaking my head at myself. But I mostly use "homeschool" as a way to give them direction when they are arguing. Usually Margaret and Isaac start off the morning playing with each other amicably. When the arguments start happening I can just say, "Hey! Let's cook turnovers!" or "Hey! Let's see how many seeds are in these apples!" It's a distraction method. We don't have a set "homeschooling" time. As the "school year" continues, I'll probably do less and less.


  1. I don't think you should feel sheepish at all for the things you did during the week as a mother because you felt good about doing them when you were.

    I avoid labeling myself as a mother, because when we do we feel like we have to do things based on other people and their beliefs or perceptions of that label, instead of basing our actions on our inspiration and perceptions of our children in the moment as we are living our lives. Not that I can't have ideals of things I think are good or right, but I often find that "other people"s philosophies, or 8 principles, or international codes don't perfectly fit with the children God has sent me, and the situations we end up in in our lives.

  2. I just love your apple theme!!! How Fun!!!!!


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