Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Week in Homeschooling

One of the kindergarten standards for California is to recognize state and national symbols like the flags. Last Sunday was the anniversary of California's statehood, so we made a California flag cake. We sang happy birthday to California and blew out candles. We also let the kids color pages of the state bird (quail) and flower (poppy) and California flag and cut out and taped the flags to pencils. They had a little parade.

Continuing with our apple "unit" we made apple prints. That turned into regular old finger painting.

The city of Berkeley has free drop-in times to use a gym with lots of toys. We checked it out this week to see if we liked it. It might be a good option to have when we get into the rainy season.

On Friday we went to Pixarpalooza and simply had fun. Bounce houses, archery, face painting, music, food, including a banana stand. Good times were had by all.

Yesterday, Margaret had her first day of music class. She'll have four weeks of intro class before we get into playing her instrument. Learning about beats and rhythm. Fun times.

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