Friday, October 12, 2012

Inquisition Friday: Loud birth videos

I have a question for you all this time.

I've been showing Margaret and Isaac videos of births on youtube to prepare them for the birth of this next baby. I have childcare lined up in case I don't want them around, but even if they get babysat, I want them to know how this baby is going to be born and how the body works. They are both fascinated with the process. Isaac's four word summary is, "Baby. Belly. Vulva. Out!"

Birth videos on youtube are fine and good, but I run into a lack of loud birthers on youtube. I am not a quiet birther. At all. I'm don't scream, but I'm not a peaceful-meditation-oh-look-a-baby-how-did-that-happen birther either. I understand why louder birthers might not share their videos. One reason I haven't done a birth video is the worry of having to read, "This is why you have an epidural. She sounds like a constipated lion," comments when I'm trying to share a happy moment with the world.

But I'd like some loud birthing videos to show the kids. Even if we have a babysitter, they might hear me (babysitter lives upstairs) or wake up from my sounds. I don't want them to think something is wrong with me just because I'm loud.

So does anyone have links to their favorite loud birthing videos they'd like to share?


  1. "constipated lion"!! LOL - best. line. ever.

    No, I don't know any... all of the ones I've seen were the totally quiet ones - "orgasmic" moaning a bit and stuff, but that's IT.

    Isaac cracks me up

  2. I'd be happy to share mine if I can get it uploaded! I wouldn't share it publicly, but I could send you a private link. I am mostly calm, breathing through contractions, but when pushing happens there is a lot of yelling. I say "ow" a lot and it does get kinda loud. Would that help? I've never shared it with anyone, mostly cause I don't think many would appreciate it : )

    1. Sure, Emily, if you get it uploaded.

  3. I got a message from someone having issues with posting a comment. Here it is:

    "I remember this lady being pretty loud in one of her videos... So you could check it out"

  4. If you have PBS(or go to the show "Call the Midwife" has a number of births, and this week's episode (#3) had one that was pretty loud. IT was also pretty short...but she did put out some good noise. I remember borrowing some movies from my midwife to show to my then 2 1/2 yo, and explaining to him that sometimes mommys make nose because they are working to get the baby out--just like people grunt when they lift something heavy or whatever. When I actually was in labor, he woke up and came in and sat next to the pool and said "mommy, are you working to get teh baby out now?" and I said yes, and he said "can i help you?" and started making noises too!

  5. This list from Code Name: Mama was really helpful to us. She gives descriptions of the videos, which is awesome. We found some pretty "graphic" ones there, which is exactly what I wanted. Turned out to be great because Peanut was not at all phased during Twig's birth.

  6. When you upload to YouTube, you can disallow comments, although I suppose people could still track you down and let you know they thought you were too loud if they really want to.


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