Friday, October 19, 2012


My weeks go like this: I go to bed Sunday night planning out the week in my head and realizing that I have a place to go every day and I'll never get a break. And I really feel stuck. If I take a day "off" and not go anywhere, then I'm left at home with stir-crazy children and that's not a winning situation either.

A general week looks like this. And all of these outings are with both children.

Monday: bus ride and the walking that goes with it.
Tuesday: 5-6 mile bike ride OR a 5-bus round trip (and subsequent walking), depending on the chosen park for the day.
Wednesday: 5.5-7 mile bike ride, sometimes with groceries on the way home.
Thursday: 5.5 mile bike ride
Friday: a little walk- Fridays are my day "off."

We do a lot of walking/busing on weekends as well. Errands!

And then we sometimes have extra outings like when we went to the fabric store for Halloween costumes and the dollar store.

Just thinking of all the riding I have to do in a week... it kind of sucks. But having a car sucks as well: finding parking, buckling kids in, having to move the car if you're parked in one place for more than 2 hours, street sweeping, gas... And at least biking is exercise. I don't want to give it up until I really have to. Because I never got in shape between Margaret and Isaac's pregnancies, after having Isaac, I dedicated myself to becoming healthy. I did the couch to 5k program starting at 9 weeks postpartum and have regularly either jogged or biked since then, except for some months in the winter (too dark to go running in the mornings) and early pregnancy. I can't waste all that work by quitting now.

I also feel like I have to keep going for Margaret's sake. She's an extrovert, and is so extroverted that if I tell her we aren't going somewhere for a day, it breaks her heart. She thrives and needs people. Keeping her from people is just as painful as forcing an introvert to go to parties every day. We're lucky that she has Isaac to play with otherwise I'd really have to be doing something all the time for her.

Sure, we could have preschool be her social life, but I'd still have to be taking her to/from every day or every other day. It'd still be a pain.

On the plus side, baby is growing. Fundal height is now a week ahead. BP is only 96/60, which I'm guessing is from all this exercise. Baby is solidly in a posterior position, so I get to feel lots of kicks on my belly, but eventually I might have to think about turning it. I have time. Loads of it. More than most people guess.

So that's my complain-y post about how busy life is. Right now my focus for today is to finish Isaac's costume and get decorations together for the ward Halloween party tomorrow since I'm on the activities committee. Fun times. Then I have other stuff, like my knitting and trying to turn that into a paying job eventually. I'm making stockings for commission again this fall. Yay!

I'll share the costumes and our homeschooling week this weekend.


  1. Even with driving a car and without being pregnant, I still get that same feeling. When I have too many things planned, I just get overwhelmed. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm overwhelmed until I'm a huge ball of stress and suddenly realize I've spent less than 10 waking hours in the last 3 days at home. Even today when we were just supposed to go to the pumpkin patch with some friends, we ended up going to lunch with my mom since we were in the area and then we came home to meet someone buying one of our old graphing calculators and then my camera was in so we got that and since we were in the area we went grocery shopping and all of a sudden it's 4pm and we're just barely getting home to stay.

    I also have an extrovert child who loves to be out and about, but I think you have to weigh that against your own sanity. We've been working on spending more time at home and it's been a transition, but she's getting better. We still get plenty of time out with other kids, but we don't go to every event or plan something every day. On Wednesday we just skipped the babywearing meeting and story time because I wanted to stay home. Sure, she would have had a great time there, but she also had a great time doing a craft at home. It's definitely a fine line though.

  2. I seriously do NOT know how you are doing the biking around stuff still. That's hard. And I know that cars pose a whole different ball of wax o' trouble but... oh, I love this minivan!!! (with Micah though I biked and bussed until 7 momths pregnant - and when I finally put my foot down for a car, Mikey said he felt "guilty"! I didn't.

    I also COMPLETELY relate with the social 4 year old... I feel that way all the time with Micah. Stay at home (- what I want to do) or go through it all to get them out (- what they NEED).



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