Friday, October 05, 2012

This Fortnight in Homeschooling

So like I predicted, I've totally fallen off my "unit" plans. Last week our theme was "fall" and we managed to decorate our tree for the fall.

The next two are from the local Not Back to School picnic. First is Isaac and a ladybug.

And Margaret with a pop up book.

Margaret is still enjoying her science class. She's testing different materials (brown sugar, cinnamon, sand, salt, etc) to see if they dissolve in water.

 And here she is with the group pretending to be molecules of gas running around and bumping into each other.

And they learned about how chemical reactions change substances and you can't easily get them back. Basic baking soda and vinegar (with green food coloring for fun) trick:

She wrote "chANgE" and there is supposed to be a fire above "chANgE" with an arrow to the ashes on the right to show that burning a log causes a chemical reaction. On the left page, which is difficult to see, is a picture of a physical change (ice melting).

Oh, and yes, on Sunday was the Primary presentation. I accidentally had the camera set to video instead of photo when she was up at the pulpit, so I had to do a screenshot of the video to put here (notice the UI of iPhoto sneaking in on the bottom there!)

This week's homeschooling "theme" was stories and I had great ideas of making books together and drawing pictures and "writing" stories, but Margaret kept saying she didn't want to write a book, so we didn't. She has been very interested in hearing us tell stories, though. I know she's gotten McKay to share the story of how we met and her birth when putting her to bed. She's asked me to talk about Isaac's birth and asked for stories of my childhood.

This Saturday is her last class for her music class and after this, she'll start private lessons. Emailed a prospective teacher this morning, in fact.


  1. Jamie7:02 PM

    I was wondering (inquisition Monday?) why Isaac is always in dresses? I've noticed most of the pictures you post of him are of him in stereotypically 'girly' clothing, and was curious if this was his choice, your choice in that you don't believe in gender-specific clothing, or a cost effective method having him wear Margaret's hand-me-downs.

    Gone by a 'fake' name as I don't want to face any interwebs abuse. I don't intend for this question to be trolling/insulting, I'm just genuinely curious.

  2. Sure, no problem! My own thoughts on it have changed as well and I can walk through that in a post.

  3. I was wondering the same thing as Jamie. :) Not that I am judging or have a problem with's just not something I see every day and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I enjoy your blog!

  4. So taking a picture is or is not a no-no? I'm not as familiar with the culture as I should be. Just wondering.

    1. In church? It really depends on who you're talking to. I wasn't the only taking pictures, though, and right next to the stake president, too, so apparently it was fine. I think most people would draw the line at taking a picture during an ordinance for reverence reasons.

  5. I secretly took videos of my kids during the Primary program, but I think around here it's thought of as a huge no no. I was scared to death.


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