Friday, October 26, 2012

A Mouse in the House

This morning while I was in the office, I heard the kids calling to me that, "We found another mouse!"
"What color is it?"
Oh... so not a toy mouse.

After seeing it here, I ran and got an oatmeal container and caught it. It walked right up to me and my container, no problem at all. It's a tiny little one. Something like 1.5-2 inch body length? 3-4 inches of tail?

We walked down to the train tracks, hoping that they are far enough away that our mouse won't find its way home.


  1. We have found a mouse in the grain bins in our shed once or twice. Really cute. I'd probably think differently if it were in the house of course ;)

  2. I guess it didn't get smashed by the train? That was way less traumatic than DH and I "catching" a mouse in our last apartment, which involved me sweeping up mice guts and cleaning blood off my food containers & sad. Go you!

    1. Nope- the train on was the second track, the mouse was hanging out by the first. And yeah- mice guts and blood would be really gross. Yuck.

  3. It looks like a baby. Maybe there's a family? Or maybe it's just a hecka small mouse. Hope you don't find anymore.

  4. That was really fun to watch. And very dramatic timing to let it go and then hear the train choo chooing ominously in the distance... Glad that your attempt at letting it live wasn't spectacularly undermined in that way.


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