Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So I haven't been posting any activist-y things lately. With Black Friday coming up, I figured I should.

First, there is the Black Friday Walmart Strike. I haven't shopped Walmart in years and boycotting is great, but the fact that the workers themselves are involved gives this strike extra power. Through the link, you can find your local Walmart strike and participate as a consumer supporting the workers, or if you're a worker, you can strike. Nat Kelly at fMh wrote up a great post, featuring Classwar Kitteh. The post is Mormon-centric, hence the suggestions to fast and pray.

Also related to Thanksgiving is this post on food workers. From farm workers to restaurant workers, the people who handle our food aren't treated well. I worked in a Mexican restaurant when I was in high school, and it's absolutely true (and ridiculous) that wait staff can legally receive only $2.something/hour. Here in California, I believe that the state minimum wage is higher, so it's not quite as bad. And being here in California, the plight of farm workers has been made a little more urgent to me. The few times I've driven up and down I-5 have caused me to think about all the farms I pass and the conditions the workers are out in. Do they have protection against the chemicals they use on our food? Do they get compensated fairly for being out in the heat of California summers and have access to water, food, shade?

Also in the news is the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has received money from Nestle, a major well-known violator of the WHO's own Code for the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. There's a petition for this if you want to sign.

I also wanted to share the link to the Rolling Jubilee. Scroll down and read the whole page and explanation of the way they are trying to forgive the debt of regular people. I think it's a genius idea.

And not related to activism, I'm going to have a mother's blessing/blessingway this time! It's going to be on Dec. 1, so that it's thoroughly before the winter starts and I'm due for a baby. If you want to send a bead or affirmation, contact me through email or Twitter DM and I'll send you my address. I think I'm also going to do a belly cast this weekend before it gets too huge.

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