Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Homeschool Post

With the croup around Halloween and then the onset of the rainy season, we haven't been doing a lot of "homeschool." We've missed some park days from illness and our friends have, too. We had to cancel a field trip this week because everyone but us were sick (and actually... my kids probably weren't at their best). Margaret has gone to science class a couple of times, but it was cancelled once this month for Veteren's Day. Tomorrow is our last day of science class and they'll be doing rockets. The teacher said she'd like to do a couple of classes in December and a new semester in January, so maybe we're not totally done.

Science class chromatography. They also made litmus paper with filter paper and red cabbage and tested acids and bases.

Isaac "reading."

Margaret has been interested in drawing and instituted a "drawing contest" in which she draws on Isaac. She's our budding tattoo artist. There is a house on his left leg and the markings on his face were an attempt to make him look like Batman.

Because we've been inside a lot, I would say that our most recent homeschool "unit" has been conflict resolution. Lots of struggles over who gets what toy and things like that. But we're working on it.

And now onto another big busy week! You'd think the holiday would slow us down, but no. Here we go!

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