Friday, November 02, 2012

End of October in Review

Things have been busy here. I haven't been "homeschooling" like I was in September, and I'm ok with that. I find that I prefer not doing all that much. I think that if we continue with the homeschool route, it'll consist mostly of us choosing classes for the kids (or them choosing them for themselves) and customizing their education. There are some great science and math and computer science options (even AP classes for homeschoolers) where we live. And literary studies for elementary school-aged homeschool kids, even!

The kids playing with each other

Margaret is still loving her science class, but I have no pictures. Last week it was cancelled due to rain and this week Isaac had croup (fever, runny nose, barky cough), so I dropped her off, but stayed away with Isaac, so I didn't get any pictures of the science in action. Margaret did learn about acids and bases, though, and mixed red cabbage juice with different acids and bases to see the colors change. Yay first grade science class!

Isaac hugging a tree while Margaret was at science

The big thing has been Halloween. Isaac missed the church trunk-or-treat because of his croup, but still went out on Halloween night. I caught Isaac's cold, so when McKay took the kids to trick-or-treat at Pixar yesterday, I sat home and watched Buffy. McKay got a really good picture of the kids, but it's on his phone and not mine, sorry!
Halloween day fashion

Halloween night fashion: mermaid and pumpkin

So a rainy and sick two weeks. Maybe things will look up soon. I'm hoping so, but Margaret's voice has started going in and out... I hope she doesn't end up with our cold. 

Snot-faced Isaac.

We still went to the library this week because I had a book on hold come in. And we saw Wreck-it Ralph. So for being sick, unmovable blobs, we did pretty good. I just wish I could stop coughing and subsequently peeing myself. Being sick and pregnant sucks.

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