Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nesting the Office

I'm not much in to nesting. I'd rather nap. As an attempt to make this nesting thing happen, I'm going to start by showing you the worst room in the house and maybe it'll get better because I have the Internet to be accountable to.

Here's a sad glimpse of our "office," which is a glorified hallway between our kitchen and bedroom. It's our catch-all room and has everything from our files (birth certificates, taxes, bills, genealogy, etc) to my yarn and crafts to a dead computer to our car seats that we need when we use Zipcars. I really need to do something about this space. Hire a professional organizer? Stalk Craigslist for Ikea shelves? Turn this into the kids' room?

Click for larger pictures.

Right to the left of this picture is the doorway to our bedroom. Besides the broken computer, the bulky desk is really unwieldy. We have no use for a desk at all, it just sits there unused, but it goes with some of the bedroom furniture so I can't get rid of it, as per McKay's request. But really, who uses desks these days? Especially large and heavy wooden ones? We use our dining room table for all our desk-like needs and have laptops. Also, check out the box of frames we haven't hung yet. One of the biggest obstacles in our house is that we have plaster walls. It's difficult to hang anything on them unless you plan on making a hole the size of Alaska. So there they sit.

Next up is where the technology meets my craft stuff. The empty crates were for organizing, but we ran into space issues. If the cedar chest and junk drawers didn't take up so much floor room, it'd be a lot easier to use those. Also, I need to go through the junk drawers. I did an experiment this year where everything in those drawers were in the bottom drawer and as we used them, we returned them to the top drawer. It's been about 10 months since we started that, so I'm sure it's safe to toss everything in the bottom drawer.

UFOs are unfinished objects. You can also call them PhD projects (Partially half-done) if you want to sound fancy. FOs are finished objects. The finished objects will be sent to a craft fair to be raffled off. Procedes will go to one of the Berkeley women's shelters. That happens in December. Also, check out the random mega bag of yarn. I really need to organize it all.

A little over to the right, you see one crate of crafts, a sewing machine, a knitting machine, and some other miscellaneous stuff. What you will notice about this and the previous picture is that everything is on the floor. We need shelving that utilizes the entire wall. Because it's all on the floor, it tends to sprawl.

On the opposite wall. This is why I'd like to have a garage or shed: carseats and strollers. The small stroller is out of this shot, but to the right, behind the white board. Can't hang the white board because of plaster walls. The bag we need to toss is leftover cobweb from Halloween that was given to us. Underneath it is a dehumidifier we bought for our previous apartment (mold issues). We don't use it anymore because our landlords don't like that it hurts their electric bill. So it sits and sits, but it does work. Oh, and the diaper station does have a shelf of yarn. Because I can't have space in the house without yarn.

The wall by the kitchen, where you can get a peek at the water heater in the kitchen. Our only use of vertical space. We also have the table leaves over by the boxes to use for shipping. Again, if we had a garage or shed or any kind of storage space, we could keep those sorts of things hidden. And yes, our file system is small. That's because I hate file cabinets and you aren't going to get me to ever use one, ok? They are ugly and clanky and take up way more space than they need to.

Inside the wardrobe, we do not find Narnia. Just stuff. Fabric, blocking supplies, knitting supplies, general crafts.

So you've seen the worst of it all. Once we get this under control, we can cruise for the rest of the house. But really, how am I going to do this without being able to make holes in the wall or find a storage place for things like car seats and strollers?


  1. Expedit helped us a lot. Also, I spent time walking around Ikea and looking at their small space solutions for ideas. Then took the ideas to CL and ikea hacks. But what you are talking about sounds like an expedit - the large one

  2. How about command adhesive strips for *some* of the items you need to hang? I believe they'll totally work for the white board ... maybe not so much for the picture frames, but you could get lighter frames from someplace else, if need be, and donate/sell yours.


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