Monday, December 17, 2012

End of the "Semester"

So science class has been over for a couple of weeks. They have a second session of it starting in January focusing on life sciences, but it's going to be further away and we'll have to work out transportation if we continue. Margaret really loves it, though.

The last two classes were about the scientific method, so they did experiments. This picture is the classic "elephant toothpaste" lab. After making observations and hypotheses and testing out a control, they each got to choose what they'd like to change about their beaker of solution and find out how big it fizzes. Some kids added food coloring, peroxide, soap, etc. The teacher also had the kids enact the chemical change of peroxide forming water and oxygen. Margaret and Isaac got to be oxygen atoms. The class held hands and broke their chemical bonds and bonded up with other kids to show the change of the molecules. Very cute.

Winter here means the rainy season. This is from a rainy day. Isaac is the slowest walker while holding an umbrella. Seriously. Three tenths of a mile turn into 20 minutes. I had to give the umbrella to Margaret in order to pick up the pace.

A couple of weeks ago, our homeschool group had a field trip to the MOCHA, so here are the kids painting and being artsy.

In the more "unschooly" aspect of things, while walking to the midwife's house last week, she and I talked about addition. She'll come up with a problem like, "What is 3 plus 5?" and because I like being mathy, I introduced the commutative property and asked her what 5 plus 3 is. She's still learning some of the vocabularly, and will occasionally say, "2 and 5 plus 7!" and I have to explain that "and" and "plus" are synonyms and the word she was looking for was "equals." With the introduction of synonyms, we've been talking about those, too. There was one bus ride where she said, "Mom, let's talk about synonyms. People and humans are synonyms." And we'd come up with other synonyms. After tiring of synonyms she brought up, "Let's talk about mammals," and she listed off animals that are mammals. All of these topics are coming up on their own and she brings them up when she's thinking about them. Yay unschooling.

We're on "winter break" now. This doesn't actually mean anything like getting a break. Oh well.


  1. What a smart girl! You are a fabulous homeschooling mom. I'm trying to get there....

    1. I really don't feel like I do a lot. We go places, but a lot of the time it's just play. I don't have worksheets, though she does need to work on lowercase letters. She writes only in uppercase.


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