Monday, December 10, 2012

Inquisition Monday: Extroverted Homeschooling

On my Thanksgiving post, Kat asked, "I was wondering if this [her extroverted nature] made you question your decision not to send her to school?"

Yes and no. First, the no.

We live in an area where homeschooling is fairly popular. In the East Bay where we live, there are 3 main homeschooling groups. I've tried them all out and settle on our favorite, based mostly on proximity to where we live, but I do sometimes go to the other groups if I'm feeling particularly adventurous. Just between those groups, we could probably have a homeschool park day, get together, or field trip, every day of the week. And I'm not counting the groups in the North Bay, San Francisco and Penninsula, or South Bay- there are probably 3 or more homeschooling outings every day in the Bay Area if you are willing to travel far. We would have to be pretty extreme recluses to avoid social interaction in the homeschool community!

And if you are in a charter school with an independent study program, the school often sets up park days and activities and classes and BBQs in addition to all the other events going on. That's actually our plan for kindergarten next year: have Margaret in an independent study program through a charter school. Charter schools are public schools, so she'd actually be a public school student. That way I don't have to deal with paperwork and we'll be given money to spend on classes and materials for her.

And then the yes. I am not up to going to all these events all the time. There are some weeks when I'd rather just stay home. The most extreme example of this recently was when I was in my first trimester and dealing with about 6 weeks of continual prenatal depression. If I run into bad depression postpartum this time we might consider sending her to school, however, lots of the homeschool families have also offered to let Margaret come play with their kids. She'll still have lots of social opportunities.

To be honest, I'm not sure if the public schools in our area can handle her social needs either. I spoke to a teacher who got a job offer at our local school and he described the school as "militaristic" and declined the job offer to go to a different school. There is a charter school near us that might fit Margaret well, but won't fit my needs: they require a certain amount of volunteer hours from the parents every month. I have a hard enough time getting babysitters so I can go to the dentist twice a year; I don't think I can find sitters for Isaac and Samus on a monthly basis.

Really, the world is made for people like Margaret. You can call it extrovert privilege. And the homeschooling community is no different: lots of opportunities all the time.

Above: Science class. Getting ready to shoot off rockets. Margaret is on the far right in the sun. And surrounded by lots of kids.


  1. So is Samus the name you have chosen for the baby, or is that some sort of alias until the baby is born?

    1. It's the alias. We figured it was neutral enough.


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