Friday, December 07, 2012

Mother's Blessing

Last Saturday I had my mother's blessing! It was fun and involved henna and friends. Because I was confined to the couch to let my henna dry, I didn't get pictures myself, so these are all courtesy Sariah Kell.

I got there early to get my belly done. It took almost 45 minutes.

I had to sit awkwardly like this until it dried.
After lots of chatting and snacking, I read my fears. After each fear the group would respond with positive things and help put the fears in perspective. When I got through my list, I burned my paper of fears and then did the bead ceremony. Each person brought a bead with an affirmation and talked about why they chose the bead and shared the affirmation. Some affirmations were poems and quotes. And now I have a little necklace for the birth.

Here's the group. Everyone got henna on their arms (except me). Some of the people were people in my ward and the next day was Sunday. I felt a little left out that they could show off their henna on their arms there, but my belly was all covered. Maybe I should have just gone bare midriff...

And here's my belly Monday after the henna has peeled off and darkened. It will probably fade before the baby comes, unless this is magical everlasting henna.

It was a great night and I got to bond with my friends. We need to have parties more often.


  1. That is SOOOO awesome! I'm going to still this for my third, as well! :)

    I did henna on my feet for my wedding. I wonder why I never considered it for my belly. I think I'll love this type of "belly shot" so much more. :)

  2. The Mother Blessing I had before my first son was born is one of my most cherished memories. And I have to say, your henna looks absolutely amazing! Kudos to the artist. I love henna!

  3. How cool! I totally want to do this for my next baby. A blessingway sounds really delightful.

  4. This is so beautiful and I love it, but honestly my first reaction is, thank goodness I don't ever have to be that pregnant again!

  5. I'm trying to get all the hippie dippie fun stuff in this time in case we don't do it again. :)


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