Monday, December 31, 2012


I don't remember if I mentioned my New Year's Resolutions here last here. I made myself the goal of either running for 30 minutes or biking for 45+ minutes each day. When I planned my week every Sunday, I would note when our park days were in biking distance and planned on biking those days and running in the mornings on the other days. I also spent the first 2 or 3 weeks of the year just tracking (but not really limiting) my caloric intake just to get a feel for what I was eating. With some diet and exercise, I was down to my driver's license weight (you all know that's your dream weight and it's 10-15 pounds lighter than you currently are) in March. I plateaued there for a while, but was healthy and still eating enough to nurse 2 kids and do my exercising.

Then I found out I was pregnant. I continued the running/biking routine until I was too tired and depressed to continue that kind of regimen. When I came out of that slump, I tried running one last time and discovered that the relaxen in my body had made it so that it felt like my legs were going to fall off my hips if I continued running. So I stopped. I kept up the biking, though.

And that was a good a thing, come July, when our car broke down and we decided to go carfree. We've been carfree for almost 6 months now! That's kind of mind-blowing to me. But it's also awesome. I still bike, even in my now much heavier condition. We will be getting a cargo bike in early 2013 and see if we can keep this up! I'm glad I was already biking so much so that when we went carfree, I was already in shape (quads of steel!) enough to continue.

I also wanted to do the 100 push up challenge and was working on that in early 2012. I was not progressing as quickly as the program assumes you will be, but I was progressing. I had to repeat many of the weeks, but I was able to do 25 or so and I started out at 10. And just as with the biking and running, pregnancy happened and I lost energy to do anything except play video games.

So in the end, I did not keep my resolution to bike or run every day. But I do think my resolution made it possible to be healthy through this pregnancy and love the earth a little more. So on the whole, it was a win.

I've also been thinking about the things I now do that I used to not, even though they weren't resolutions. It might sound silly, but I'm proud that we are now washing our bedsheets regularly. Sometime in 2012 I started washing our sheets and the kids' sheet every other week. Last Friday was the kids' sheets, this Friday will be ours. I know that sounds like common sense and everyone else probably does theirs weekly, but I'm glad we got on that bandwagon. I'm hoping I can keep that up.

I don't have any goals for 2013 yet because I'm still very pregnant and I'm not sure what life is going to look like in a few months. It's difficult to make achievable goals if you don't even know if making your bed is going to be possible! I don't know what my body is going to feel like after this birth or what carting 3 kids around Berkeley is going to be like.

Depending on when I have this baby and how I feel postpartum, I think I'd like to try to do the Shortest Triathlon Ever in Emeryville this April. I'm assuming it'll be the Saturday the 13th this year; the site isn't updated yet. I didn't start the Couch to 5k program after Isaac until 9 weeks postpartum because I wanted to make sure I was fully healed. If I wait that long to work out again, I'm not going to be able to finish the C25k program before the triathlon. In fact, I'd probably have to have the baby this instant in order to have 6 weeks of babymoon and 8 weeks of training. And sorry, that's not happening right now. Baby is safely inside me and prefers to grow a little more.

So no resolutions this year. But I'm guessing life is going to be pretty interesting in 2013.

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