Friday, December 21, 2012


Today is the solstice, so I guess I can have a baby any time between now and March 21. Phew! I was getting worried I'd never have a baby!

I've been trying to "nest." Here is some proof:

Our new bookshelf from Craigslist for $40. This is where I'll be storing my yarn along with other miscellaneous things like our binders and electrical cords. I need to organize that yarn today.

And we upgraded our sleeping situation and now Margaret has a loft bed. Now if only she would use it...

I also attempted to decorate for Christmas. I made this wreath and garland from the trimmings our neighbors left on the street.

And we have a tree!

And because I was feeling crafty, but didn't want to put any effort into it, I made some bow garlands. Idea from Ruffles and Stuff. And seriously- cheapest decorations ever.

Last Friday I had a dress rehearsal for what it'll be like with three kids. I watched a friend's two month old so she could see The Hobbit. Here I am babywearing with my big belly.

Conclusion: I'm going to fail at life as soon as this baby is born. Three kids alone is just too much. Sure, I'll have McKay for a little while, but he'll be back to work by the time Samus is the age of the baby I was sitting for. It really is in everyone's best interest for Samus to stay in longer. It's far easier to take care of an in utero baby than one that's out.

A couple of weeks ago, my midwife was trying to tell me I'd have Samus by Christmas. I'm pretty sure I gave her the, "You have a third eye" look. This week she changed her tune to, "You know... you probably aren't going to have a baby before Christmas." Yeah... I figured that out when we found out I was pregnant. She also likes to listen around to see if there's a second heartbeat in there (there isn't). This is all midwife-ese for, "You look huge." But I keep measuring spot-on for my weeks and she's not sure how to explain that.

We got the third carseat today. I guess that's important. We didn't get our second one until Isaac was 3 weeks old. Funny things those carseats... you just don't need them if you don't drive! We only bought this third one for the times we'll be using Zipcar or other rental. The worst part about not having a car is not having a place to keep these carseats. I'd love to have a garage to store our bikes and carseats. Bikes are in the kitchen and the carseats are in the office.

So that's what's going on. I'm looking forward to McKay's break next week. He has to work on Christmas Eve, but he gets Christmas through New Year's off. We still have yet to make Christmas cookies and go see Christmas lights, so it'll be busy.

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  1. Almost every good mom I know loses it at the third baby, including myself. The ones that don't tend to be those moms who already micromanage their children. It's a trade off. Blanket- train like the (unnamed family but we all know who they are)? Or embrace the madness? In the end you just have to kiss yourself goodbye and accept the madness. The short term will have tears and unfinished projects stashed around the house. The long term will have healthy, confident kids that weren't forced to grow up too soon so mommy could have a clean house and more babies than she can care for without exploiting her older children.


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