Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Week

So 8 days ago, I was in awful labor and it was never going to end. Glad that's over.

Postpartum healing... so that's happening. The worst parts of the first few days were the breastfeeding and afterpains. Sore nipples for a few days, but a really good latch. My best guess (and totally a guess) for why breastfeeding is so painful those first couple of days is hormones. Pregnancy hormones make your nipples sensitive. And in the first few days before your hormones switch over to nursing hormones, you still have a good soup of pregnancy hormones in you. Once my milk "came in" the soreness eased up and latching stopped being as painful. On the other hand, it could just be related to a new baby learning to latch. Oh, and did I mention afterpains? Those suck. A lot.

Also those first few days my abs were so tired. Suddenly they hade to hold in my internal organs again and my uterus wasn't there to help out. Standing up for too long (aka 5 minutes)? Ouch. I had the hardest time simply trying to stand up straight. It's getting better.

My breasts started feeling fuller on day 2. And that's when I started having the irrational anxiety-ridden thoughts, but I think I handled them pretty well. Once I realized what was going on I tried to let myself see the thought and let it go. No, McKay probably did not fall and break his head open on the stairs on the way to doing the laundry, leaving me with 2 kids going crazy and a baby on my lap. It's ok. I would have heard a fall on the stairs anyway.

Hemorrhoids aren't as bad this time. That's good. In fact, I think they're gone already. I was having issues with them for at least 2 weeks after Isaac. I think I'm going to make it out of this alive!

It has been great having McKay home. He does so much stuff! Like mopping. And fighting these ants. Why am I the stay at home parent again? He's way better at this stuff than I am. I'm so happy he gets 7 weeks off. It feels extremely luxurious that he doesn't go back to work until March. He can split is leave up over the first year of Linda's life and I'm wondering if maybe we should do that. Or we can have 7 weeks off and enjoy ourselves.

Linda is getting older. Meconium has been gone for a while (huge blow out the first night though... ugh). She's my first baby to not have jaundice, which I attribute to spending most of her life in our south-facing front room with lots of sunlight. With the other two, we didn't have such lovely windows. She's also spending a little more time awake. The first few days we rarely saw her eyes open. Now she'll stay awake for 45 minutes or an hour. Of course, she just stares there. I wonder what it's like to be a baby and have things just happen to you.

Our goals for this next week include getting the paperwork from the midwives to file the birth certificate. And McKay thinks he's going to get up every morning to work out like he was before Linda was born. I would like to simply keep up with my emails and other errands like going to the post office.

Also, check out that crease on her nose. It makes her look grumpy, even when she is content. Like  Grumpy Cat, she is Grumpy Baby. Other notable features: she has McKay's double cowlick. And a red birth mark on her left eyelid that you can only see with her eyes closed. I had a similar mark on my hand when I was a baby, but it has faded over time, which I expect hers to do as well. Her eyes are dark, so I'm guessing she'll have my eyes. I have dark blue and McKay has bright blue. Margaret got McKay's eyes- and it was noticeable even when she was this young. Isaac got my dark blue and I think Linda will too. And personally, I think she looks like my newborn pictures. And those cheeks! So much cheek! I can't wait until her scrawny frog legs catch up with her cheeks. There will be chubs! Everywhere!

Baby's first babywearing at 5 days old. She's in the wrap here. And since we rarely get to be in a picture at the same time, McKay and I are here, too.

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  1. Rachael7:35 AM

    She is lovely! Linda is my mother's name, and it makes me giggle to see a baby Linda!
    I'm currently very pregnant and waiting for baby 3 to choose his date! Not looking forward to the afterpains now!


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