Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Belly Cast

Last weekend we did a belly cast. I originally wanted to do it over Thanksgiving break because I didn't want my belly to be too big. I've seen casts of very large bellies or bellies with twins and I'm not much of a fan of the very oblong shape that happens at the end. But we are procrastinators, so what can I say?

Here are some "action shots" of McKay layering the plaster on my belly. I was standing.

It pulled a little bit on my small belly hairs, particularly on the sides along the top. Every time I had a Braxton Hicks, the cast would be pushed away from my belly and once it ended, it was right back on my shape.

We used plaster strips. They needed to sit on my belly for 15 minutes to set and then we took it off to dry for a couple of days. It would have dried faster, except it's been humid because of the rainy season.

Look! You can see my belly button!

I'm not sure how we'll decorate it. One Twitter person suggested yarn bombing it. Margaret wants to paint it. I told McKay we should seal it and use it as a chip or popcorn bowl.

Despite doing this a month and a half after I originally planned, I'm really pleased with the shape. It is definitely not as oblong as I assumed from the comments I get on the street. Seeing my belly cast makes it seem a lot smaller. Maybe people in Oakland have no idea what pregnancy looks like, because this is not a huge belly.

I'll share what the finished project looks like later when I decide how I want to decorate it.

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