Sunday, January 13, 2013

Samus was born!

So... I had a baby yesterday. Birth story and possible video to come. I haven't watched the video myself yet because I'm still processing.

Linda Renee
22 inches long
10 pounds, even
14 inch head circumference
Born at home 4:18 pm PST, 11 days "over" the LMP-based due date
Had midwives, which was nice when McKay took video and when I needed extra people for back pressure. Linda was in the perfect LOA position and yet I still had back labor. Boo!

Early labor started at 9am. Active, around eleven or noon. I think. Pushing stage was something around 10 minutes.

Latched and nursed when she was 8 minutes old. I'm healing up well, I believe. No tearing. Took almost an hour for placenta to come out. Lots of afterpains, which aren't very fun at all.

ETA: Fun birth trivia!

You know how supposedly more babies are born on full moons? Well, my babies have been born on every quarter except the full. Margaret was a 3/4 moon baby, Isaac was a day before the 1/4 moon, and Linda was born the day after a new moon.

Each of my babies were born on Saturdays. Margaret's labor went from Thursday night to Saturday evening. Isaac was early Saturday morning (2am) to regular Saturday morning (7:30). And Linda was Later morning to afternoon on a Saturday.

For each birth, I was on hands and knees, facing south. Every time I visualized Linda's birth, I just naturally imagined facing that way and then I realized I had done that with the other two also. Facing the sun.

Margaret had light blond, barely there hair. Isaac and Linda were born with full heads of dark hair.

Every person I met on buses or on the street for the past many months have felt like it was their duty to tell me I was having a boy because I was carrying low. Ok fine, every person except 2 people. When I saw Linda was a girl, I thought to myself, "Suck it, Oakland! I'll show you who can carry a girl low!" It was really annoying to have people "guarantee" to me it was a boy. I'd have been happy with a boy, but I'm not happy with people being nosy know-it-alls after judging how my abs have held up over the past 3 pregnancies.


  1. Wow, congrats!! What a perfect little baby and perfect birth : )

  2. Jessica1:29 PM

    Congrats! She looks a lot like Isaac :)

  3. Beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing.

  4. congratulations!
    she is soooo beautiful! squishy! I want to kiss her.


  5. What great news! Glad everyone is doing well and enjoy that sweet newborn!

  6. Awww! She's so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  7. Congrats, and great job! She's beautiful!

  8. Lots of people told Marie Amelie was going to be a boy because she rode 'high'.

    You can't win, really...

  9. Also, congrats to you and McKay! You guys are awesome at that whole making babies thing...


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