Friday, February 01, 2013

More blah updates

All week I've been planning blog posts in my head and now that I have time, I have no idea what they were going to be about. So here's a random jumble of mess.

I think Linda is our fussiest baby. Lots of crying and nothing helps. When I took Margaret to her science class on Monday, I spent the hour of her class walking in circles and singing to Linda and offering the breast every 5 minutes or so figuring that eventually nursing would be the answer, even if it's not the answer at the moment. She sleeps fairly well at night, once we get her to sleep. Lots of fussing and rocking and attempts to nurse. As long as I am careful not to shine my phone's light in her eyes, she'll go back to sleep when she wakes to nurse at night. Unfortunately, if I need to use my phone's light to latch her, she tends to wake up- Look! Light! Must be morning!

The chiropractor gave her an adjustment Wednesday morning and she was calm and sleepy the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that did not carry over to Thursday. I think we're being plagued by thrush again. That might have something to do with her fussiness.

I've been busy. In December I had a dream about going back for graduate school and when I woke up, I had the sudden urge to sign up for some sort of class. So I decided to take on organic chemistry... you know, for fun? I was always very good at science, but because of my AP credits from high school, I needed only one science class in college and that was Bio100. Because I missed the chance to see if I liked the sciences,  I decided that maybe I should take a stab at it again. The class is not actually that bad as long as I can carve out time for memorizing the material. That's the hard part. Time. I can't always get an hour of uninterrupted time. Linda doesn't have a napping routine yet, so my daily schedule is hard to predict.

Margaret and Isaac have cabin fever and really need play dates. And I need more patience with them. It used to be that I could be patient until the afternoon, which is why I allow TV after 4 pm. But now I'm snapping at them as we crawl out of bed. I hoping I'll get more patience when we're out of the newborn stage.

I've also had those random tearing-up moments. And whenever McKay goes out with a car, I get worried he'll have an accident. After Margaret's science class, she was invited to stay over and play at a friend's house. I was invited as well, but I just wanted to go home- and cue random tears I had to hide. McKay took the kids out this morning... and cue random tears. Also, songs on the radio are making me nostalgic and teary. I'm almost never sentimental, so it's really frustrating. It's not every day or even for very long. I'm usually good at recognizing it and reminding myself that it's ok, nothing's "wrong" and letting it go. Most of it is lack of a good stretch of sleep. I'm going to bed at 8 tonight and I'm going to LOVE IT.

So that's my life right now: fussy baby, organic chemistry, knitting, random tears. Fun times.

Look! Children!

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  1. Rachael1:28 PM

    Be kind to yourself x. It's still such early days. I'll be joining you as mama of 3 very soon.


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