Thursday, March 28, 2013

Linda's blessing

Last weekend was Linda's blessing. We had a large turnout. I don't think we've ever filled up 2 whole long pews before. This time we did and were still squished.

My parents and youngest brother were there, McKay's parents and his youngest sister and brother where there, McKay's paternal grandparents, an uncle and his family, Monique and her family, and my neighbor and her daughter.

Here are many of them (everyone minus paternal grandparents and uncle + crew):

And here's us with my family. With Margaret's face, this probably deserves to go on Awkward Family Photos. But seriously, this was the best of the two pictures. And I about died laughing when I saw this:

I'm considering doing a write up on The Exponent about the blessing, so I'm not going to elaborate here, but it was good. Also, I make cute babies.

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  1. Your kids are stinking cute. Be sure to post a link to the Exponent.


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