Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of bicycles and birthdays

Margaret turned 5 yesterday! That's an exciting birthday around here.

On Thursday, we went downtown to get her signed up for a bus pass. Once you're 5, you have to start paying for the bus. Luckily, it's at a discounted amounted. Here she is getting her picture taken. The bus pass will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Also on Thursday, this guy showed up with a big box!

Look what's inside!

The kids love the box and the bike. Also, we've named the bike Epona. I have so many plans for this bike!

The box is now in our side yard for the kids to play in. The kids colored on it and played in it for hours.

Thursday evening tried out the bike. And look: everyone fits! And like Linda's and my previous ride, she stayed quiet during the ride and fussed if we stopped for too long. I took the bike around the block to get a feel for it. First rule to avoid tipping everyone is no sharp turns while walking the bike.

Friday we took our first big ride down busy streets and rode to Pixar. Margaret got to have a birthday lunch there and then we rode on a busier street to the library.

Birthday lunch:

Because when you turn 5, you not only get a bus pass, but also a library card!

Now that she has two cards to take care of, I made her a wallet/purse. She chose the colors: pink in front, blue in back, purple for the flap, black for the strap. This is now the home for her library card and bus pass (when it arrives).

So in all, a great couple of days!


  1. Nice bike! Is it a Madsen bike? I'm still wanting to get one of those.

    1. Yes it is! It's a new 2013 model.

  2. I thought I would get into shape so I ordered a bike. It came in a nice big box too. I put together a ton of bikes as a kid so I didn't think it would be any problem but after 4 hours of futility trying to get it assembled I wound up taking it a bike shop to put together for me. That only cost an extra $65 but the truth is I think the kids enjoyed that box more than I'll ever enjoy the bike.


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