Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smallest Duathlon Ever

On Saturday morning I ran/biked the smallest duathlon ever. It was supposed to be a triathlon, but because of construction, the pool wasn't available. 

On the way there, McKay rode the kids in the Madsen. I had to have my racing bike, so I couldn't be the Madsen rider. You'll notice the back light on the bucket. We took Kristi's recommendation to use an old inner tube around the bucket and attach the light to that. It works!

Margaret wanted to try out the Madsen, too.

Pre-race nursing. Have to tank up the baby so she doesn't need me during the race!

Mass start. First was a 1 mile run, then a 2.5 mile bike ride, and then a 2.3 mile run.

Margaret was my helmet-getter when it was time for me to switch to the bike leg of the race. My bike was far back in the racks- if it had been closer, I'd have shaved off time!

Going from biking to running again was wobbly. I was not expecting that at all! But I'm proud of myself that I ran the whole way. I hadn't worked out in a week and a half because of a cold/allergies. And I had never done a workout longer than the 2.3 mile leg of this race- so doing the whole race was a lot! But I did it without having to stop and walk. 

Here I am at the finish line! My goal was 50 minutes and I said I'd be pleasantly happy with 45 minutes. I did it in 43:51! Total distance was 5.8 miles. I was 33 out of 67 total racers (50th percentile!) and the 9th woman to come in. I got a medal for being 3rd in the women aged 19-29 category. So that's cool. 

McKay holding Linda while I had refreshments.

Some of the racers were hardcore triathlete who use this race to practice their transitions. McKay said some of them were changing shoes and everything between running/biking. I am not that hardcore. In fact, I'm not sure I want to do the tri next year... this wore me out! And I didn't have to swim!

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