Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Week

So I seem to be doing only week updates. I havent been into blogging much because I have been stretched elsewhere: The Exponent, JABAK, knitting.

Isaac picked flowers for me on Mother's Day.

Linda turned 4 months on Sunday. Here is a baby with 17 pounds of glorious chunk!

We went to the De Young Museum in San Francisco this week to see Rembrandt's Girl with a Pearl Earring. We couldn't take pictures inside, so we took them outside.

Checking out West Oakland from the BART train:

Margaret is going to the Wrap Party today for Monster's University. I made her dress (this has taken some of my blogging and knitting time) which you can see here.


  1. What is a wrap party?

  2. The Wrap Party celebrates that the movie is "all wrapped up" and ready to go. It's a celebration for the employees. They (Pixar) finished the movie up a couple of weeks ago, and the wrap party was last night. They usually have it black tie and fancy.


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