Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can you take a joke, Facebook?

So... we've been dealing with the "Facebook nursing pictures thing" for a long time. There have been 2 nurse-ins and many many many pictures removed. Because you know: offensive.

For a similarly long time, groups that encourage violence against women are deemed "not offensive" because they are "jokes." had a new article this week titled Facebook's Hate Speech Problem. As a response, activists are asking companies to boycott Facebook.

Companies boycotting will do more for this cause than individuals will, so I think that's great. It's needed. Facebook needs to get straight what is offensive and what is not. Harming women? OFFENSIVE. Nursing a baby? NOT.

But Facebook's seems to be, "People seriously involved in protecting little humans? Offensive. People "joking" about hurting women. FUNNY!"

So conclusion, all you need to turn something "offensive" into "acceptable" is to say, "Haha! It's just a joke!"

We've been doing it wrong all along! I think we lactivists need to jump on the bandwagon.

Let me introduce you to my new tandem nursing Facebook profile pic.

See? It's not offensive at all! It's just a joke! Even Isaac's in on it!

Can you take a joke, Facebook?

ETA: At 3:40 pm PST, I was told that it was "reported" but not taken down. I have confirmation from FB employees that pictures with the child actively nursing are fine, so long as no nipple is showing (and areola is fine). Since 2 children are actively nursing, this ought to be double plus fine. No nipple- and not even any areola is showing. I'm not even skirting the edge, people! Stop being jerkfaces and learn the policies before you report stuff!

ETA: I woke up Thursday morning with my profile picture removed. I put it back up because the poor FB employee screening these has to see tons of child porn and other disgusting things and probably just clicked away without really looking. This picture conforms to their "rules" so I put it up to give them a second chance.


  1. wish I had a baby to breastfeed!

  2. Thanks for the snort!

  3. Love it! Good thinking! ;-)

  4. completely agree I reported a very offensive video to Facebook involving child abuse . They deemed it fine and I quote " there was no real threat to the people involved ".. are you kidding me ??? A baby not old enough to crawl was being pummeled by its mother with a pillow and other objects .. disgusting. Yet mothers who are nurturing there children cannot openly do that because others find it offensive ..what is this world coming to ? sorry about the rant folks


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