Monday, May 06, 2013

Screen-free Week Review

I fell off the Internet last week for Screen-free Week. I still allowed email because of work reasons, but no FB, blogging, feed readers, etc.

This is where I pretend my screen-free week looked like this heaven. I think this lasted only 2 minutes.

While it was nice to actually finish some books, I missed being able to share our ups and downs  and congratulate a couple of friends on babies.

So, here are our ups and downs and other linkage that I couldn't share on FB this week.

On Monday and Tuesday, we were not allowed to flush the toilet, wash dishes, wash laundry, or otherwise use the sewer system from 9-5 because of work being done.  We lived. We could use water- so long as it didn't go down the drain. So we had water to drink, but if we washed our hands, we had to catch the dirty water. Fun times.

Also, when the local ant colony's happiness was disturbed by the sewer work, they decided to come inside. These ants are hardcore. Do you see the trail they made THROUGH CAYENNE PEPPER?! They are like the honey badgers of ants.

I got a call from the charter school we applied for Margaret. They got our application and we should expect an acceptance letter later this month and teacher assignments in the summer. This is the school that has an independent study program and gives you money to spend on classes, curriculum, and materials so long as you let a teacher come in and check on progress monthly. Some other homeschoolers we know do it. A portion of the unschoolers prefer more freedom. We'll see how it goes. It's just kindergarten- school's not compulsory yet.

Linda rolled over for the first time last week. Tuesday night, I think. Here she is with a baby friend. Baby friend was "due" 2 weeks before Linda. Due to early and late birthdays, they are more than a month and a half apart.

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! Our local libraries, along with the local comic book stores, gave away free comics. The kids have had fun with them.

For my Mother's Day gift, I am taking a month's worth of improv classes. Last night was the first night and it was really fun.

Also, there were many parties. Or just two. A baby shower at homeschool park day and then a birthday party.

Face paint!

Happy Isaac.

Purple-handed Isaac. Margaret wrote the "TB" on the paper and then smeared it with red handprints. I don't know what "TB" means to her, but I'm pretty sure she's a child-version of Edgar Allan Poe.


I can't get away from having an online presence even when I'm not online, and so here I was:

The Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast, episode 54, The Male Gaze. I was invited on because they said I have a good podcasting voice. Yay for my podcasting voice! Now I feel less concern about subjecting the Internet to a podcast of my own. The FMH episode was recorded before my Internet break, for the record.

Ooh! The FMH episode 56 just posted today and I'm on that, too. It's feminist Mormon podcast week for me!

Also, I still had to write my monthly post for the Exponent.

Other Linkage:

We had this snap pea recipe with dinner on Saturday.

Bike to Work Day is this Thursday!

Knitting robot.

That is all. Until further notice.

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