Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Testing my Gumption

The universe is testing my gumption. It might win. We'll see.

Last Friday night, I rented a car and we went to Roseville. I had a rare opportunity to listen to Lisa Marasco and Diane Wiessinger speak about breastfeeding: latch, safe sleep, how birth affects breastfeeding, etc. And I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while.

Then we came home Saturday night. That was fine. In fact, coming home was twice as fast as getting there (darn 3-day weekend traffic!). The car was scheduled to be returned an hour after church on Sunday so we wouldn't have to get a Zipcar for church. I really need to get the bike's e-assist set up.

So an hour after church, I take the car back. Well, first, I remember that I need to fill up the gas. Then I take the car back. And unfortunately the clock in the car was slow and I ended up getting to the rental place just minutes after it closed. MINUTES. If only I hadn't filled it up! Stupid gas. I feel really sheepish, though, for not getting it in on time. Very embarrassed.

So I call the national phone line for the car place and the location we used doesn't have after hours drop off. The lady tells me that it'll cost me $200 more to return it on Tuesday afternoon since the location is going to be closed on Monday.

"What about Tuesday morning when they open?" That'll still be more than $100 more.

"That can't be right. Isn't there a way for me to return it sooner? Are no places open on Memorial Day?"

"Is there an airport near you?"

"Yes! Oakland airport! I can get it there within the hour!"

So we settle on that and it'll cost $25 more for not returning it to the same location (whatever, it's not $200) and the lady on the phone has some sort of confusion and seems to think Oakland is in Canada (wha?) but I get home.

Now the plan: find someone to watch the kids while McKay and I get the rental car and a Zipcar to the airport. The neighbor takes the kids to the park (thanks, Scott!) and I happily drop the car off and we drive home in a Zipcar and everything is ok. Except for the extra cost of the rental and the Zipcar.

So... Sunday night I had my class. Did I say I was taking a class? I was taking improv. Sunday was the last class and after the class was done, another improv class was going to do a performance. McKay likes improv and I know the kids like to laugh, so the plan was that he'd bike the megabike to the show after my class and we'd bike home.

The plan was.

My class ends, I see that I have a messages and a voicemail from McKay.

About a mile away, he got a flat on the back wheel. After some discussion we decide this: I biked to meet him. Luckily, he was half a mile from a coworker who is a bicycling enthusiast. A fellow improv student put my bike and baby and self in his SUV and McKay and Margaret walked the megabike to the coworker's house. He had a patch kit for our flat, but unfortunately, this flat was pretty spectacular and we needed to "borrow" the neighbor's inner tube. Even after replacing the tube, the tire bulged a bit, but it got us home. We biked home Sunday night and slept in Monday morning.

Our poor inner tube, found folded up on itself by 5 inches.

Monday we bought a new inner tube and tire. They are now on the bike. Also, we got a patch kit, extra tube, and small pump to keep with the bike for the future.

Sounds happy, yes?

Ready for a trip to the post office, blowing dandelions.
Well, today I went to take the new tire and inner tube on a trip to the park (with the kids, of course). We made a stop at the post office to pick up a package we missed while being out of town. Then, about half a mile later, my foot missed the pedal, but my leg didn't. And a nice chunk of skin was ripped off the back of my foot. Also, bruises. I pedaled home (less than a mile) with blood dripping down the back of my foot and a cloth wipe/washcloth poorly soaking up the blood.

Stopped on the side of the road, back of left calf and foot.

Another angle:

Wrapped up to ride home:

Back of foot when we got home:

I decided after that to just stay home. But I did stop and show the kids basic first aid: "First we wash the blood away with water. Then we'll put some pressure on it to stop the bleeding..."

Conclusion: the universe wants me to be a homebody. And I probably could have gone to the park once my foot was bandaged, but I was just too lazy. I think I'll get a ride to knitting group tonight if I decide to go.

Baby cheek!

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  1. When you said the universe was tempting your gumption, I was worried that you were thinking about buying a car! I love reading about your car-free life and I am so inspired by your can-do attitude. So I'm glad that wasn't the conclusion, even if my reasons for being glad are totally selfish.


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